Monday, October 6, 2008

An experiment

Over the past two years I've self published a few books on Lulu. Writing fantasy involves (for me anyway) letting the imagination run a bit wild (and letting my penis do some thinking as well... it's a 'guy' thing).

In so doing, publisher's guidelines are occasionally trampled. Not purposefully, I suppose it's like letting a two year old loose in a flowerbed. Botanical mayhem will result despite the innocent intentions of the toddler.

So when the finished product is in violation, my solution has become to self publish rather than expurgate. For those who have never written stories of 50,000 plus words, it is difficult to explain that trimming a story to comply with guidelines (age of characters, bestiality, etc.) is more laborious than writing an entire book... and also can give rise to folly. Cohesion can easily disappear. There may remain references to scenes edited out. Other concerns... in 'Billie and Mary', I felt the poignancy of the life long relationship would be lost if suddenly the characters became 'kinky' on their eighteenth birthday.

The problem with self publishing is fulfilling the publishers role of promotion. My books on Pink Flamingo sell in the hundreds. On Lulu in the dozens (over the past two years, 89 copies of Billie and Mary have been sold).

To counter, I shamefully salt various sites to promote the books when I can. I genuinely feel they have merit in entertainment value and a quality aspect over most internet erotica. (The feverish elimination of typos can exhaust).

To the point... I recently posted a short story (at 17,500 words about one third of the normal length of the books I write) calling it a Chris Bellows Teaser.... 'Male Subjugation'... the teaser being the price of $1.25. I am curious to judge, in economic terms, the elasticity of the demand, i.e. how much does the price affect unit sales.

To date, the answer seems to be... not much. As practically a giveaway, the price compared to the effort expended, in eight days I've sold 6 copies.

So it seems that promotion is key.... not price.

In conclusion, if anyone knows of blogs or websites where I can post snippets in return for a plug, please let me know. I will 'give to get' and have done so to success on Sir Jeff's Pony Girl site.

On a different subject, I am tomorrow visiting a girl who wants me to 'perform' for her.

Here is her Craig's List quest...

"I am looking for a gentleman, who is a submissive or exhibitionist and interested in a roleplay in which you perform for me (masturbate) while I voyeur you and humiliate you. I can wear some sexy lingerie, verbally seduce you, guide and tease you. A safe and guilt-free diversion. "

Tomorrow's resulting post will be more titillating.


Jane said...
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Jane said...

As far as price is concerned, I firmly believe that an erotic author should charge more because there is more research and work involved in creating fetish stories.
Chris Bellows short story on lulu for $1.25 is worth far more than that simply for the detail involved in creating male subjugation and feminine governance.

Jane said...

The story of little Howie's subjugation and feminization in Male Subjugation is excellent! Chris has given the reader a very detailed and erotic life story starting with Howie as a little boy standing naked in a tub in front of his step sister. The subjugation and feminization of Howie's life into young adulthood by stern women leaves Howie begging for love, for physical contact for freedom..all will be denied! He is a captive in his own home and is also sold and used to his sister's business associates for money. Chris Bellows story leaves nothing to the imagination! Our prepubescent boy never stood a chance! Kudos!