Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Locked and fantasizing

Probably should have disclosed this earlier in my blog, but on Saturday 10/18 I returned myself to the Curve chastity device (see the October 18 entry, guess my writing renewed an old challenge) and have remained locked up ever since.

I have been communicating with a woman of dominance and, though having much experience in power exchange relationships, she became intrigued with the concept. The plan was to meet today for an unlocking but I have developed a cold and thus emancipation is forestalled.

Meanwhile the building hormone level has sufficed to bring forth mental snippets of a new fantasy which, if my mind’s film projector keeps reeling, could be the basis for a new book.

Chastity does have its merits.

But also, as on many mornings, this morning I experienced NPT (nocturnal penile tumescence), that odd male phenomenon in which erection occurs in slumber. Obviously in being locked up I could not achieve full erection, but the intrepid little guy fervently swelled against its cage and certainly made me aware of its frustration.

Offering myself some form of relief, I laid prostrate and pressed belly and covered pubes against the sheets, humping the bed somewhat and experiencing mild but quite insufficient pleasure combined with the sensation of forcibly pressing the engorging penis downward, quite the angle of aggravation.

The action reminded my of prepubescent times when a freed penis would be rubbed against the sheets until a ‘dry orgasm’ was achieved... a brief brisance of joy with no ejaculate.

How young was I when I began such a habit I cannot recall (quite young I believe). In curiosity, I years ago attempted internet research on dry orgasms in children and got very little. It would seem that in our puritanical society either we do not wish to admit that prepubescent children can engage in sexual practices, or researchers find the subject too taboo to write about.

Then there is the consideration of obtaining data without in any way violating normal childhood development... a grievous concern.

So, any one have thoughts or experiences? I know at times I rubbed my penis raw in simulated humping of the sheets. When I finally matured to bring ejaculation it was quite the surprise... it spit?

And girls, don’t be shy. No reason to think nature would deny you the ability to achieve similar joy.


curt said...

My girlfriend of 17 years passed away in 2006 leaving me lost and alone in Manhattan, which is not a good state to be in. After the initial devastation finally started to ebb (after months) I began to focus on my own writing. I am not as accomplished as you, but I do have many stories out and about on the internet. My writing was a bit of escape, and in certain experiences I wanted to 'get into' what I was writing.

I purchased a CB 2000 for just such an experience. It is rather cumbersome, but gave me the insight I needed. Not having a key holder, I locked myself up with my own good graces and managed two weeks just to see. I found it rather lacking under the circumstances. I learned, but without the key holder, to me it was not a full experience.

Did it help my writing? Not that I could tell, but I want to try again. I have recently met someone online that I speak with and share. Hoping she might be willing to go that extra step one day and hold my key. We'll see...

I also purchased an electric dog training collar, but that's another story...


Anonymous said...

Regarding matsurbating when too youngto ejaculaye....

I did this. I got the most tremendous pleasure & could have multiple orgasms and retain an orgasm plateau and I assume this is what women can experience with orgasm and if so I am most envious.

I remember the first time I had an ejaculate -- the surprise and I don't know what -- embarassment, disgust?, bewilderment? But once I started to ejaculate then I couldn't plateau any more.

Way I masturbated then was laying on my stomach and moveing with my body pressing my penis into the bed, not using my hands.

After producing sperm Iused my hands and attempted to catch the sperm in a tissue so as not to stain sheets and alert my mother. I knew even tho' no-one told me that what I was doing was 'wrong'


Anonymous said...

re NPT..

I am reminded of the old saying by an impotent man about nocturnal erections 'it sleeps when I stand and stands when I sleep'.

I read recently that this happens naturally and regularly because its the bodies way of preventing gangrene which would happen without a blood flow in the penis.

Makes sense, and most of the time we are unaware of it happening unless like you, we are restricting the penis.