Monday, November 8, 2010

Progress report

F/Y/I, I am working on Chapter thirty four which will finalize this segment of the story.

The Province of Chessu will be put aside but we'll revisit later after taking a break and hopefully gathering comments and suggestions.

Perhaps we'll resume writing utilizing the perspective of a different character.

We'll see.

Meanwhile, enjoy.



JHoltgym said...

ONLY 34 chapters?

kidding Chris....kidding.....this has been a wonderful treat....looking forward to the next 9 installments.....thank you 34 to the "nth" power times....

black is a nice color for the brand I think...

Anonymous said...

You have to explore the king. Has he been process as the other males? If yes then how is he milked?

Chris Bellows said...


As stated, there are more chapters to come.