Thursday, November 18, 2010

More on the Prologue

In a way, I combined two cases for the prologue.

This case is from Georgia and gives rise to even more stimulating thought...


BOXER X, Plaintiff-Appellant, v. A. HARRIS, Sergeant, Defendant-Appellee.
No. 04-13083.

January 27, 2006

Between July and November 2003 in Smith State Prison in Glennville, Georgia, Harris repeatedly approached Boxer's jail cell and demanded that he strip naked and perform sexual acts of self-gratification. On 5 July 2003, Boxer complained that his food was cold and that his tray was dirty. Harris stated that she would get him a new dinner if he did her a “favor” to show her [his] penis” while she watched through the flap in the prison door. Boxer declined, and Harris promised retribution.

Incidents of this nature continued for the next several months. Sometimes Boxer disobeyed Harris's commands, but sometimes he obeyed her. On 1 August 2003, Boxer received two disciplinary reports that followed an encounter with Harris in which he did perform for her. These reports were for failure to follow instructions and exposure/exhibition. Boxer received these reports in the prison distribution system and was not afforded the opportunity to challenge Harris's statements in front of a disciplinary hearing officer.

On 28 August 2003, Harris approached Boxer again offering not to write further false disciplinary reports if Boxer followed her orders without question. Boxer acquiesced to Harris's orders on six occasions from September to November 2003. Boxer subsequently filed grievances against Harris, which were denied. Boxer sued in December 2003.


These facts were stipulated, i.e. the events did happen. The legal question was whether Boxer's legal rights were harmed and to what exent.

At least we can better understand why a woman with the described penchants would desire to serve as a prison guard.

I feel another story coming...


saratoga said...

Well, yes, it's clear from your two anecdotes that this is a veritable honey pot of exploitable males for dominantly-wired females.

A point I neglected to make in my comment on your prior post follows on the gender-discrimination aspect.

That is, I'm also rather surprised that there wouldn't be tapes required to be made and saved to substantiate charges.

However, I'm not familiar with prisoners' rights and processes. The story you cite implies that prisoners in some of these situation do not have rights to face their accusers, be tried for the infractions, etc. It could well be that, being in prison, they have already forfeited those rights in that venue.

If so, then, yes, it is a virtually unlimited free fire zone/game preserve for hunting males, for the aware Female DOminant Guardesses.

Rather chilling, on the non-con FemDom dimension. It's all well and good to fantasize about this stuff, but reality is probably different.

The Guardesses may be barely-educated, physically unprepossessing females. Male guards may also join the fun.

Last time I checked, working as a state prison guard in places like Florida and Georgia wasn't high on the list of skilled nor desirable career paths.

How's that affect your/anyone's FemDom fantasies of beautiful foreign women forcibly altering male anatomies?

Chris Bellows said...


Yes, the reality does become rather disconcerting. Kafka-esque.

Yet, if items like this continue to pop up, I may just wear out my keyboard, typing with both hands of course. (Won't dare to stroke myself while writing).

Would love to know what became of Angelina Harris. Maybe I'll check Collarme...

But have no fear, if I locate her I will not pass on your email address.


saratoga said...


No problem either way. :)

Que sera, sera, n'est pas?


JHoltgym said...

(serious here....)

if we're talking about "real life",
then 2 images come to mind....

1. Lyndie England

2. Abu Graib

hey Saratoga, I know Ayesha would be apalled at my namby pamby pseudo/poseur/inauthetic FemDom cred......she already ripped me years ago when she kicked me out of her Yahoo group

Chris Bellows said...

Ah... Abu Ghraib...

Lynndie English became one of the scapegoats. The woman whom we of certain predilections would most likely wish to meet is Captain Carolyn A. Wood.

She is an experienced Army interrogator and moved from Guantonomo (Gitmo) to Bagram (Afghanistan) and finally to Abu Ghraib where it was under her direction that the 'enhanced' interrogation techniques were instituted. Apparently having learned much about how to psychologically dismantle the Muslim male psyche at Gitmo, there began the removal of clothing, sensory deprivation and sleep deprivation, treatment found to be particularly disturbing for the middle eastern male, especially when combined with the presence of female interrogators. (Not sure about water boarding, think that came from the CIA side).

Captain Wood's fingers were into many of the activities, but never were her 'fingerprints' left as evidence on any of the charged abuses.

A search of the internet finds references to her involvement but to my knowledge no charges, no pictures of her, and no background information. The last reference I can find suggests she is still in service... plus she was awarded two bronze stars for her efforts.

But she seems to be the type of woman whose company certain submissive males would enjoy.

I will try to find the authorizing memorandum and post it.

Interrogation anyone?