Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The End Is Near

As previously noted, tomorrow's chapter will end this segment of the story. Please give consideration to commenting and helping to spur thoughts for another visit to Chessu.

Hopefully all enjoyed.


JHoltgym said...

"Someone will find himself, definitely not herself, well secured...."

"definitely not herself"

Chris, i actually laughed out loud when I read this....a rare but v-e-r-y welcome and fun injection of humor.....

will discuss whole saga (well, the stuff that interests/intrigues me at least) after #34.

thank you for all this...

ez said...

Very brutal and tender story - If you write a sequel, you need to explore the lesbian relationship between the empress and her subjects.
Just how did Midori lose her virginity?

Chris Bellows said...


Yes, daughters of Sapphos and castrates, wonderful scenes of feminine empowerment to be molded from that clay.

Hopefully such does not turn off too many male readers.

There has also been a suggestion that the genesis of Female superority in Chessu be explored in any sequel. Perhaps some flash backs... with the Empress telling a story.

These are things I need to get my imagination percolating. The kinkiness always boils, but it occasionally needs direction.

ez said...

Many thanks for this wonderful story.
Looking forward for more of your output.