Thursday, November 25, 2010

Captain Carolyn Wood - Dream Date

The only pic of the mischievously playful Captain Wood to be found (see November 20 posting). I would exchange photos with her, given an email address. And I know what photos of me she would prefer (shaved, naked and in a stress position).

Perhaps a romance would spark? A quiet CFNM evening of dinner (an MRE for me) by candle light of course.

"Miss Captain Carolyn, what are you planning to do with that hot wax?" 



Doubtful Human said...

I dig the satire xD

On a more alarmingly point,
it's quite disturbing that US personnel such as Captain Wood continue to actively serve, especially after all the depravities they permitted (or perhaps committed?).

Chris Bellows said...

Continue to actively serve, with two bronze stars, and to serve training others in interrogation techniques.

Even CB, master of irony, could not write such a script.

Thank you for your thoughts.