Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Been on the Road

Been traveling. But my absence does not mean interested parties cannot make comments.

Nothing on the wondrously Dominant Captain?

Thought the 'real life' aspects would incite some reaction...

Got a story in the works. Not ready to share it. Might post on Lulu instead. I like it.


Suzanne said...

I agree that the real life aspects you posted are certainly intriguing. The incidents that took place in Abu Grhaib reflect not only the result of mob mentality on the part of the guards and their leaders but a deeper sense of sexual gratification through the humiliation of the inmates. Real life humiliation stories are always the best!

Chris Bellows said...


Thank you for the input.

We are in total agreement.

In addition, in my mind, there is a wonderful Kafka element in that the higher ranking conspirators got off scott free or with minor reprimands.

That Captain Wood, whose office was adjacent to much of the mischief (physically present, not in the Pentagon), was 'appalled' by the pics (i.e. shocked to learn of gambling at Rick's Casa Blanca bar) according to her testimony, has such irony.

My interpretation... no one was authorized to take of photos while humiliating the detainee... that's very bad interrogation technique... leaving a trail of evidence like that. Sloppy work.

So, with two Bronze stars awarded, Captain Carolyn Wood now teaches interrogation, passing on her methods to another generation (all Dominant women I hope... at least in my fantasy land).



wistan said...

I once wrote a fictional army internal report about interrogation methods inspired by Abu Grahib. The idea was to be as sexual and provocative as I could, whilst using the sort of dry language that such a report would use. I quite liked it, but never did anything with it.