Sunday, November 28, 2010

New Story - A Boy's Transformation

Though most of you viewers and readers are completely undeserving, failing to have commented on both stimulating fiction and thought provoking non fiction, I offer a Sunday treat. Should I bother asking for feedback?

A Boy’s Transformation

Copyright 2010

by Chris Bellows

“You have done this before?”

“Oh, yes ma’am, just as my advertisement suggests,” the words offered in the pleasant patois of the tropical islands.

A large ebony hand slides a folder across the formica covering of the kitchen table. The alluring woman of some 40 years, sitting opposite, accepts the offering, flipping open the unassuming cover.

“They are all so pretty... but they are boys?"

“They do not think of themselves as such now... but they were all born with a penis, yes.”

The woman flips again... and again... and again. On each page there is a picture of youthful vibrance... cute... little girls... bangs... pony tails... pink ribbons... glittery costume jewelry... the frilly neckline hem of a pretty dress. In viewing, a wry smile appears then broadens. Though attempting to cloak her awareness of the gender obfuscation, the woman’s amusement is evident.

“It is painless?”

“Not entirely, ma’am. There will be some initial suffering... quick... such as that felt with the vaccines of youth. There will be a few days of aching, during which I can be of great comfort. After that... it is all emotional.”


“The pictures are intended to offer you a degree of comfort... that I can be effective... that results will be achieved. But more important is what the photos do not show... that they all think as little girls. The physical, though time consuming, is easily accomplished. It is getting the boys to not only think of themselves as girls... but to enjoy being so. That is the challenge.”

“And you can do this?”

“Nine successful transformations... over the past 13 years.”

“It is full time?”

“Yes. I will be your son’s nurse and governess. He will be immersed in my tutelage. It is best for him.”

The woman reflects then nods.

“Your fee... it is high but if it is indeed full time then it is a bargain.”

“As I indicated in the ad, ma’am, I will be living here. So there will be no need for me to pay rent or to buy food. And when my father met his end, rest his soul, he left my mother with ample funds, which she in turn passed on to me. I am not rich... but I can afford to pursue my passion.”

“And that is transforming... boys into girls.”

“In so many cases it is best... I assume you agree.”

The woman nods... slowly... thoughtfully.

“So tell me about Randy,” the sizable woman of color settling back in the kitchen chair. “Why is it he needs to be transformed... and how will my efforts rest with your family?”

The woman also settles back... in continued pensiveness, choosing to respond to the latter first.


“Marital bliss ended with the birth of my second daughter, Evelyn. Jim was a great husband... initially... tried to be a good father... when not traveling. But the flame of romance just slowly died. By mutual agreement we separated when Evelyn turned school age. That allowed me to return to work... and offered a degree of economic independence. And it also put Jim in a position to travel even more... and he did.”

The woman arises and steps to the stove. A kettle of hot water awaits. Consumed with thought she grasps and turns.

“More tea... Ms....?”

“Lulana, Ma’am. But Lu is fine.”

“More tea, Lu?”

The handsome face nods. The woman steps to the table, leans and pours.

“Well, every woman has needs. Work every day... tend to children every night. The boredom seems to heighten the need. And so it came... the need. I met this guy on the train ride home... Mr. Wonderful,” the sobriquet offered with a sardonic snicker.

The woman sits, taking her time to dip her tea bag in silence as Lu does the same.

“It was only once. I know that sounds like the excuse of some concupiscent teen. But that’s all it
took. I was stupid. Fell for the line that he’d pull out. Coitus interruptus. To make a long story short, Randy was conceived right there in the living room while my daughters slept upstairs.”

“And you chose to keep him?”

“Stupid again. We dated more. When I learned the results of the single night of oversight I thought another little one would bring joy... that I’d be sharing a new life with Mr. Wonderful, alleged multi millionaire investment manager.”

The woman sips. Lu joins.

“Well that was a lie... a big one. And I was in the third trimester when I learned that Mr. Wonderful was far from wonderful. A con man... but worse... I learned that the sex we had was probably about as vanilla as he ever had. With others... a predator... ruthless... heartless... aggressive. One sick son of a bitch.”

Appearing ruffled by her own words, the woman stands and steps to a cabinet drawer. Lifting a tray for utensils, there is drawn from beneath a newspaper clipping... not overly well hidden... but in an unlikely spot for easy discovery.

“A downright pervert. I tossed him out on suspicion and later learned of his suspected proclivities. He’s now serving time. Statutory rape. He’s finishing his third year on a ten year stint. I am ashamed I ever let him near Randy... ashamed I brought Randy to term.”

“And the solution is to transform?” the patois ever so consoling.

“He writes... from prison... says he wants to visit Randy when the time comes. Buy Randy his first beer. That is of concern... but I have seven years to plan... and when he’s released Randy will be into his teens. So when it’s time I’ll be able to talk to Randy as an adult... explain my mistake... his reprobate father’s sordid transgressions... at least I hope so.”

“So why? What is it my services will do for you?”

“Randy is approaching puberty, maybe already there. Getting stronger... and getting more aggressive with my daughters. They are older... able to hold their ground for now. But I cannot help thinking of the genetics... the propensities I am sure he carries within...”

Lu nods. The woman of size can bring comfort. Emotional... but at nearly six foot with broad shoulders and arms of steel... physical as well.

“You are afraid... for your daughters?”

There comes a fervent nod in response.

“They are first... number one... their well being placed well above the little bastard I am forced to raise. But I am concerned that his needs are soon to arise... perverted... filthy... I cannot sleep thinking about his father... that I will come home and find Randy on the living couch... with...”

With the pause the huge ebony hand slips across the table, firmly grasping the forearm of the woman... her new employer.

“Mrs. Jensen... there is no need to fret. I will see to your daughters. They will very much enjoy having another sister...”


Suzanne said...


I sometimes feel your pain. Given the number of people who visit a blog on a daily basis, the few number of comments can be disappointing (not strong enough a word really). Your fiction is not worthy of many readers, but truly appreciated for that art it is by some. I will echo these comments on my own blog. Thanks for what you do!

Emma Kelly said...

Hi Chris,

You well know I've been an avid fan for years. I apologize for being remiss in my critical comments here as Em and I have been going through an exceedingly busy period in our life.

We love you.


Mrs. Kelly's Playhouse

despair said...

Hi Chris.
A very good beginning. As always, you're one of the best writers on BDSM stories with modifications (psychological and physical). Ponyboys stories (BILLIE AND MARY is excellent), dogstories (BECOMING MISS ASHLEY'S PET) are wonderfully exciting. I'm waiting the next pages for more precise comments.
And yes, comments are better the your blog. Your Chessu story was very interesting (I was one of these "ghost readers"...)

Chris Bellows said...

Thank you all for the encouraging words. Nice to know I am not alone and that my efforts entertain.

But I was hoping for a note from my succubus, Captain Wood...

Perhaps an offer to feed one of her cuddly dogs...



Emma Kelly said...

Hi Chris,

The nefarious Capt. Wood seems to have gone AWOL, at least on the net. One can only imagine the genuinely cruel things she's up to.


Mrs. Kelly's Playhouse

Respectful said...

I don't comment on your blog because although it is a great read, it borders the edge of public decency.

That is both a compliment and an excuse.

Anonymous said...

Just discovered your wonderful blog and read the breathtaking "A Boy's Transformation". Cannot remember when or if I'd ever read anything better. Thank you, thank you!