Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Chapter Twenty - Whisked to Chessu

Chapter Twenty

Midori leads, 322 follows. To the front of the hut, she pauses at the wall where hang the assortment of leashes, marsh grass and the sling. Left hand firmly gripping the leash, the fingers of the right brush over the cylindrical rubber objects, oddly shaped, various bumps, tapered, each with a flange on one end and a metal ring.

“Start you off with a moderate size, 322. Anal insertions can become somewhat addictive for the chaste male. You’ll quickly find yourself wanting more and more. As you can see, I can accommodate.”

Midori chuckles. Having lubricated the anus of 322, she is aware of his tightness... which will change. And she will thrill with the power to stretch.

“Let’s get you into your sling 322. You’ll feel better,” a plug marked ‘No. 5' selected.

The leash is again slung over the protruding overhead beam and tied. 322 begins to understand Chessu’s strict protocol for handling naked male beasts. Such are either restrained... or walked at the behest of a woman with a leash. He begins to realize he will never again move under his own will. Miss Midori is careful and consistent.... trained since childhood... growing up with a naked, subjugated male as any other child would maturate with a pet.

The procedure for the sling repeats. Removed from the wall, clipped to the front of the waist band, a finger hooks through the Prince Albert ring, the semi stiff organ is carefully drawn through the penis slit. On this occasion the anal plug... No. 5... is threaded onto the loose end and as Midori draws the strip of leather up and back, she aligns the implement of black rubber with the anus. Well greased, it slips within... eliciting an amusing grunt... and further impales as Midori tucks the end of the sling under the back of the waist band and pulls to tighten.

“Make you nice a comfy. All you boys so much enjoy the insertions.”

Next, her fingers work to open the sling’s testicle slit, gently pinch the scrotal sac and pull into view the mammoth stretched mass of flesh which will humbly announce his status to the women of Chessu. The well designed sling so prominently presents the organs... and so vulnerably.

One last firm pull and Midori steps to the front to take in the leash.

“Oh yes, very nice my pet.”

She offers slack, permitting 322 to gaze downward and partake in what so much enthuses the governing women of Chessu. The ringed penis protrudes... its stiffness rapidly increasing... and it begins to waggle with zeal... celebrating with the anal impalement.

“You’re going to make me very proud, 322.”

Tears of shame form... yet deep within, 322 feels strange stimulation... intense arousal.

He is pleased to make her proud... yet he does not fully understand his own reaction.

Midori grabs a length of marsh grass and leads to the waiting cart. Again the process repeats... loose end of the sling buckled to the front edge of the cart, waist belt attached to short chains on the leading prongs. There is the odd comfort, the testicles so tightly enshrouded, the woman’s governance so thorough.

“Come my beast. To the mine.”

In watching the slack of the leash being taken in, 322 knows to begin to pull. The sling slowly tightens and tightens, comfortably squeezing his balls, then finally comes tension on the short chains to apply force to the prongs and the cart. The vehicle rolls, but not before 332 is forced to further compress his male package... firmly pressure his anal insertion.

Out to the crude dirt pathway, once again 322 finds that momentum becomes his friend. In achieving sufficient velocity, the toil becomes much less cumbrous and his focus shifts to the marvelous buttocks rolling before him, the alluring view continuing to spur his erection... that and the stout anal plug... wickedly designed to knead that curious male gland.

One mile... two... his firm penis bobs, Midori occasionally turning to look back and observe.... the vaunted male organ... so pleasing... so well tamed.

The landscape begins to change becoming more hilly. Then approaching in the distance is a similar duo... a governing female of slight stature... leading a tall naked male beast hitched to a cart, identically branked and leashed. As it nears, 322 notes the size of the weighty load. Then the duo slows at an incline and the woman steps to the side. Marsh grass in hand, the arm extends and swings, applying a gentle stroke to the well entrapped scrotal sac. 322 notes that despite the moderation of the blow, the beast lurches, straining against the prongs, instantly pulling with more force as the woman also takes in the slack of the leash. Though 322 sees that her controlling pull is slight, he can vicariously feel the pain the slightest jostle brings.

The approaching beast is well worked. 322 notes the abundance of sweat, and the extreme tightness of the leather sling. As Midori noted, moisture brings shrinkage, the beast’s very sweat ironically adding to the level of restraint.

Midori merely nods and smiles to her compatriot. Similarly attired, naked from the waist down, 322 judges the woman to be older than Miss Midori, though the view of her feminine charms is equally welcomed.

In passing, 322 notes the buttocks of the straining beast. There are three keloided digits on the left cheek. His view of the right cheek blocked, 322 assumes there are another three digits, forever designating ownership.

Midori notes 322's observing eye.

“You will be marked as well my beast. 384 one the left cheek... 322 on the right. Carved into your flesh with a searing hot knife. The Empress insists that the property of the province be marked.”

322 shudders with the thought, carved like a game bird at holiday. But what is there he can do? He will lie and be marked.

Within minutes a large open pit is encountered. The Rhodium mine of Chessu is merely a hole in the rocky desert soil. There is no heavy equipment. Nothing mechanized. Instead women of size and strength wield pick axes and shovels. Not of Asian heritage, it is apparent such are migratory workers, skilled in mining and brought to Chessu to initiate export of the recently discovered Rhodium ore.

Large rocks are loosened from the earth with pounding sledge hammers turning such to transportable stones. The attire is more elaborate, protection evidently required from the flying debris of stone chips. The arms are covered in black leather. Jack boots cover the calves. Thicker black leather enshrouds the torso, and short black leather skirts end just above mid thigh. As the women work, their charms flash into view as well... but not offering the consistent allure of that of the handlers.

Another duo of beast and handler idly wait while the working women, of notable size and strength, fill the box-like back of the cart. It soon brims with the priceless ore and the handler jostles the leash to signal the beginning of the long arduous trip to the airstrip.

Women wordlessly begin to fill the cart of 322. The naked beast, well exposed to so many, more than ever senses his subjugation. He smells their sweat, toiling in the hot desert sun. Midori advises.

“Half a load today. He’s being trained and conditioned.”

“New?” a particularly brawny worker inquires.

Midori nods and the huge woman approaches, taking the leash.

“He’ll need to be kept well watered.”


JHoltgym said...

again, simply thrilling....
the logic of Female's wielding the picks and hammers is nicely characterized without it being too "obvious"
....i'm clearly envisioning the sling....such a devious compliment to the brank
....well watered....but of course....
....marked with hot knife instead of brand....Chris Bellows always finds some way to top himself.....
more please!

JHoltgym said...

just another couple thoughts for your consideration:
1. once broken and fully in harness, it seems impractal that Miss Midori will need to lead the animal, isn't it inconvenient for her to walk everywhere?
in the Chessu of my imagination, the ox cart would have a nice bench for Miss M to climb up upon...perhaps with a nice tonneau cover so that she can be shielded from the relentless rays of the sun while holding 322's reins....
while the concept of the sawgrass and it's nettles swishing menacingly at my/ 'err' 322's testicles is a lovely notion, might it be too limiting?
a beast with a broad back and strong, powerful, straining buttocks would, should he hesitate in the slightest or falter in the execution of his tasks might be better served (at least at first) with the application of a leather whip.....
in my mind, Miss Midori would enthusiastically apply the whip as an initial measure, then.....however she might determine her beast need additional encouragement, then use the reed to exorciate my (err...."his" slung and vulnerable testicles.....
just a thought....

Chris Bellows said...


As stated, I am writing a couple of chapters ahead. But I think you will find your observations generally addressed.