Saturday, August 2, 2014

A Woman in Control - A good life gets better V

A good life gets better V

“Go to your room, strip and put on your Posey cuffs,” I command.

“But I’m hungry Miss Desiree,” a dejected Jack beseeches.

“I’ll have something quite tasty for you later,” my evil grin giving away my intentions.

“Go. Harry and I want to be alone for a while.”

For dessert, there is ice cream and me. Harry’s libido is well primed, my negligee distracting despite the perfectly broiled steak. He wants to skip the ice cream.

So Jack, having cleared the table, curtsies and glumly departs as I press the remote to permit passage to the spare bedroom

“Time for my ride,” I suggest, never one to veil my desires. “You know how I want you.”

Harry is not a truckling subordinate like Jack, but he does cede to my wishes. Otherwise he does not get any... these are the rules... my rules.

Having gained comfort with Jack and my environment of absolute control, accepting Jack’s ingrained servility, Harry steps to the adjoining livingroom and begins to disrobe. I move to the spare bedroom to assure Jack is naked and has encircled his wrists and ankles with the Posey cuffs. When it becomes time to bed him down, I’ll want no untoward delay. I will snap my fingers, he will lie supine and the straps will retain him for the evening.

So I check, Jack is naked, the nylon strips are in place and I examine to make sure each is properly locked for the evening.

“The door will be open. You can listen, perhaps even watch if you’d like Jack. But do keep in mind your penis cage remains electrified.”

He’ll not depart the room. As he nears the doorway the charge activates, delivering a reminder zap. In stepping to the threshold he’ll receive a most debilitating shock, not to be physically endured without the loss of mobility. And overall it’s without real harm. Yes, I can zing Jack... or he can be disobedient and zing himself... any number of times. Each charge serving to modify his behavior without physical damage... which means more shocks can be applied. Delicious stuff.

Jack continues to gaze at my thinly veiled nakedness. Quite the treat for him. And if he cares to watch his wife fuck a real man, he’ll get more of a treat.   

I turn to depart and see a naked Harry standing at the doorway. His semi swollen penis appears to be a swinging elephant trunk and I note Jack’s attention is finally diverted. Ah, the envy is palpable!

“He lives here?” Harry commenting on the austere chamber where Jack is kept nights and weekends... restrained ad infinitum.

There is nothing other than the narrow bed centered in the middle and the screen mounted on the ceiling where I have Jack gaze at the montages I created... the brainwashing slide show.

“It’s best for him. Once leaving work, I want all mental stimulus to come from me. He’s quite psychologically dependent at this point. The hormonal imbalance creates a need which he does not fully understand... a need for guidance... and a need to serve in gratitude for that guidance.”

I pat Jack’s head, his eyes glued to the elephantine appendage, and move toward Harry. There my left hand cups his heavy scrotum and my right lifts that massive appendage, swelling rapidly in anticipation. I display it to Jack for better viewing, smirking in imagining my husband’s thoughts. 

“Time for the hassock... time for me to ride my horse.” 

Harry’s huge hands move to the back of my head and draw forward my face for a kiss... wet and hot... and long.

“Good night for now, Jack,” turning to see the most priceless look of envy and want on Jack’s face. “I’ll be back later to tuck you in... and offer a nice snack.”


jack said...

cruel story

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Thank you... I think.