Thursday, July 31, 2014

Next story... 'The Sash'

The number of visitors to the blog has been waning. Probably because many chose to purchase the 'Woman in Control' story and have read ahead. That's fine but it's not too uplifting for me to see a decline in interest.

So... beginning Wednesday August 6, I will begin posting another serial. This one involves much male on male interaction, so you homophobes be forewarned. It will continue on every Wednesday until 'Woman in Control' runs out at the end of September.

Hope you all appreciate my efforts. Paucity of comments of late.




Anonymous said...

I bought Woman in Control as soon as it was available. But not interested in anything that is not femdom so I won't read The Sash.

I really liked Woman in Control.

Chris Bellows said...


Glad you enjoyed 'A Woman in Control'.

Leave your mind open. I think elements of 'The Sash' will serve to entertain.



Fred said...

I am currently reading the Interrogator and have purchased Of Male Chastity. Not sure about the Sash but am willing to go on the wild side.....