Saturday, July 26, 2014

A Woman in Control - A good life gets better IV

A good life gets better IV

It is important that Jack no longer feel like a man, no longer think like a man. I have chemically ended his gender, but if he is to be a devoted servant, the emotional and intellectual maleness must also be truncated. Thus the seemingly harsh interaction with Harry... making Jack appreciate a man who can get it up... and appreciate that it is best that his wife avail herself of the exceptional talent... and best that Jack appreciate it as well.

Jack, you do want your wife to be happy... do you not? 

So Harry becomes comfortable, I click the remote to permit Jack to prance to the kitchen and we move to the dining room. Salads are brought to the table, Jack serving with the skills of a high paid butler.

He returns to the kitchen to put on the steaks. Medium rare over a perfectly heated grill will require just minutes.  

“He’ll be okay? Here? While we...” Harry muses.

“While we fuck,” I complete the thought. “He has no choice but to be okay. He’ll acclimate. I’m just tired of running out three to four times per week getting what he cannot offer.”

We munch, a tangy caesar salad, easy on the anchovies.

“I’ll bed him down. He’s sleeps well restrained and hooded. But I am thinking of offering a treat. You’re not overly shy are you, Harry?”

Harry laughs. He’s the type of guy who would perform in pornographic movies given the opportunity and the right paycheck. Harry has nothing about which to be shy... that I know from experience.

“No. What are your thoughts?”

“I want Jack to not only be frustrated but to also have no doubt about his place... that is to cook and clean for me, sew when necessary and graciously offer his tongue and lips when a girl... well when I girl most needs oral servitude.”

Harry nods. This is easier than I envisioned.

“So you saw that nice large and soft hassock in the livingroom. I want to ride you there... do my thing which you have come to enjoy... and I’ll put Jack in his bedroom. He cannot leave, it’s wired like all the other rooms.”

We munch more salad.

“So?” Harry not quite envisioning my wickedness.

“I’ll leave the door open. He will be able to watch... and will watch. I do not offer many opportunities for him to visually adore...”

As matter of fact there have been none, Jack always hooded when I straddle his head in need of oral attention... in need of the so termed cream pie clean up.

Harry smiles. “No guns around? The thought of getting shot by an enraged husband tends to amuse... but I’d like to delay that for my old age.”

I shake my head just as Jack brings in the thick porterhouse steaks, broiled to perfection with home made Maggi sauce on the side, Jack’s flavor expertise able to freshly duplicate the store brand. It smells fantastic. Yes, it is indeed important that a woman have a man who is a good organizer, neat, attentive about the household, cooking and cleaning with cheer. But a neutered man is even better.

Jack the butler serves again then humbly moves to stand in the corner to await orders and anticipate my needs.
“So, we’ll break in the hassock Harry? I ordered it special and Jack spent much time opening the  seam at the top to add more stuffing. It’s nice and extra soft now. Jack can sew wonderfully.”

Masticating a tender morsel of beef, I look to see Jack bristle. I am sure he was aware of why I had him alter a brand new piece of furniture, but now the deed seems particularly libidinous... diligently laboring so his wife can better enjoy sex with another man... and he reacts in silent frustration.

As stated, I want my bullstuds to be completely motionless while I fuck them. So comfort is important, the better to just lie and let me hump away, angling and positioning the penetrating phallus just right... hitting my spots which when left to the male are never found.

I know it’s not how the likes of Harry and his cohorts most enjoy copulation, but in constantly rotating my bull studs it’s only once or twice per month and as stated, I’m not bad to look at... or feel... or to engage in an exchange of bodily fluids.    

So Harry of course nods... then seems to have another concern.

“That cage... around his dick... can he get it off?”

I laugh. What a concern, that Jack may somehow join in the party.

“He does not have the key... nor do I. His care is left to a clinic... for boys like Jack with special needs. He’s unlocked, cleaned and shaven weekly... though the shaving is no longer much of a task... all covered by his health benefits. Keeping a neutered male healthy can be time consuming and expensive. The prostate demands particular attention... otherwise he drools about the house. Plus there is the weight gain. It’s expected and rather delightful to monitor. But one doesn’t want to over do it. Soft and voluptuous... that’s how I want Jack. I do not in any way want him feeling like a man.”  

Harry smiles and nods. I do believe, in talking right in front of a silent and servile Jack, he is getting into the scene, so to speak.

Yes, that hassock beckons, doesn’t it Harry?

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