Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Sash - Oral Skills

Oral Skills

Copyright 2014

by Chris Bellows

A seated Nurse Benson takes the offered number ten ball, well moistened. Markie smiles in anticipation then shuffles on all fours, turns to present his backside, and obediently lowers face and forehead to the floor. It is with eagerness that the back arches, the knees further part and a sphincter brought to suppleness presents itself for impalement.

Yes, weeks of daily training have not only physically opened Markie, but mentally imparted the thrill of prostatic manipulation. Nurse Benson pauses, the joy of her authority bringing a frisson of delight to any woman of governance.

“You enjoy it when I open you, Markie. Why is that?” Nurse Benson letting the expectation linger.     

“Yes, Ma’am. I don’t know why.”

“Could it be your remaining male gland enjoys a woman’s attention... enjoys submitting to a woman’s control,” the index finger of the left hand teasingly abrading the gluteal cleft.

A powerful right hand squeezes to compress the sizable sphere of foam rubber. There will be a moment of struggle, fingers of the left hand further parting the lovely cheeks, right hand stuffing. But then after insertion the ball will expand within the anal passage to announce its presence, greeting the unused prostate gland with constant pressure and bring a girlish squeal of delight.

“I’ll want you revering my fingers today, Markie... practice your oral skills. Do you feel a difference with the doctor’s little snip?”

With the query, index and middle finger give the compressed ball a final thrust, pressing it well within. A reply comes not, Markie instead uttering the initial squeal followed by an ‘ah’ of satisfaction as the hands retreat.

“It’s looser, I guess,” Markie’s focus returning.

“That’s because the doctor performed a frenectomy, incising a little flap of skin under your tongue called the frenum. Do you know why she took the time to do that Markie?”  

“No Ma’am.”

“So you can better please with it... your tongue.”

As the nurse lectures, Markie knows to right himself to all fours and turn, facing the woman who can so knowingly bring faint pleasure to the castrated male. 

“So let’s practice. I want you to lick and suck each of my fingers. Kneel upright for me. I’ll give you a nice nipple massage if you’re doing it right,” the right pinky finger presented for engulfment.  

With that, Markie smiles. For reasons unclear to him, nipple play has become quite joyful of late. And Nurse Benson is well aware, the massive injections of estrogen overwhelming the once male libido, the absence of testosterone causing the endocrine system to succumb. Yes, there is new sensitivity... and an aware Nurse Benson knows well of the emotional lever such offers.

“May I rub your leg with... with my...”

“Your penis, Markie. Yes you still have a penis and I know it still gives you some pleasure. But no... not until you’ve sucked. Now begin. Follow my instructions. Be obedient. We like obedient girly boys here.”

The proffered digit is engulfed. Nurse Benson smiles, the degree of tenderness telling.

“Swish the underside, Markie. Pretend it’s your penis. You know where you’d most like to feel warm wetness there, don’t you?”

There comes a slight nod in reply and indeed a most sensuous swish. Nurse Benson’s left hand goes to the right nipple. She in fact knows of the faint pleasure to be imbued and in reward begins a most tantalizing massage, her index finger first diddling, then thumb and forefinger to squeeze, then the entire once male breast to be kneaded... should Markie’s efforts earn such reward.

“Good girl Markie. Now suck a little... just for a moment... then more swishing.”

Prostate pressed, nipples teased, Markie knows to return the joy, swishing...sucking... swishing... sucking.

There is no better oral pleasure a male can receive than from another male... or former male, Nurse Benson notes in silence. The tongue seems to dance with enthusiasm. And Nurse Benson knows that, upon having sucked each of her ten fingers, the slippery wet length not only celebrates its newly offered freedom, but strengthens itself as well.

“Good girl, Markie!” Nurse Benson feeling the tiny penis beginning to frottage her leg as Markie thrusts his hips, “ but no, no” the calve quickly withdrawn, “that comes later. First I’ll want to stretch you a little.”

With that, the right thumb is joined by her fingers, Nurse Benson somewhat cruelly grasping the warm wet appendage.

“Now just relax. We’re going to do this every day. For just a few moments. It is best for you,” pulling to spur slight choking. “And we’ll need to work on that gag reflex. Very impolite in offering fellatio, Markie. A good girl needs to learn to control that. And I have a box full of toys over there that will help. You’d like to orally please others, wouldn’t you Markie?”
There comes a muffled verbal response, Nurse Benson’s grip continuing.... though slippery pulling, pushing, twisting with tender zeal. Words indiscernible, Nurse Benson pretends the reply is affirmative.

“Yes, my Markie is going to be quite the sucker of cocks.”   


Anonymous said...

Brilliant!!! Ten out of ten.

Chris Bellows said...


Glad you are enjoying.