Saturday, August 9, 2014

A Woman in Control - A good life gets better VI

A good life gets better VI

I fuck Harry, riding him like the bull he is. Lying supine on the hassock tends to enhance the penetration... at least seems to enhance the penetration. Knees bent with feet flat on the floor, hands and arms to the sides, head dangling off the top, Harry’s back is somewhat arched and thus those twelve inches stand straight toward the ceiling. I part the billowing negligee, straddle, grasp at the base, assessing the abundant length protruding above my hand as always, then guide the purple bulbous tip to greet my outer labia, engorged in anticipation. Vagina wet and slick, I then lower myself in glory, feeling the hotness, the slight friction as I open myself using Harry’s equine length and girth. Yes, girth. Probably more important for this girl is the intense frictioning of the vaginal walls and the resulting heat brought by the plumpness... bringing physical smoldering to join smoldering desire.   

Fully impaled, I pause, teasing... tantalizing. I control all motion, including toying with Harry’s nipples. I smile, taunt in suggesting the need for further penetration, knowing that there is no more to be had... there is no more that can be taken.

Harry once talked during copulation. This I discouraged by shushing and delaying... demonstrating that all was under my governance... the timing... the motion... the squeezes... my pubo coccygeus muscles well tuned.  

So in silence I begin to slowly buck. Harry’s moan of pleasure brings a smile. I turn my head, toward the spare bedroom, Jack’s chamber of bondage and sensory deprivation. There stands my husband, cautiously avoiding proximity to the frame. My smile broadens. My thighs contract to lift then relax to lower. Another moan. I wave a hello to Jack, a child greeting her father from the merry-go-round. He pouts, I purse my lips to blow him a kiss.

Then I concentrate. Though tormenting Jack is amusing, I shall not have it distract. A girl needs to take care of herself... for though it is important that a woman have a man who is a good lover, caring and attentive in bed... a well stuffed hassock will do just as well.

Up, down, up, down, time becomes meaningless. I no longer look to the bedroom, I know Jack watches... mesmerized? Perhaps there is some how the return of normal sexual desire, the libido some how restored after a constant deluge of anti androgens. But then what, Jack? Your penis is locked in a cage... and even if freed it will not ever again function... not like that of a man.

No, your role is to watch... and serve... and ogle in envy.   

More thrusts, more squeezes, I feel oscillations. I reach down and tenderly pinch my clitoral hood, adding to the stimulation. Then my PC muscles go to work, adding a rippling sensation which I know my bullstuds so much enjoy. One final squeeze, a paroxysmal down thrust and I cry out in ecstasy, feeling Harry simultaneously explode deep within.

It will be a while before Jack can feast on that load, I think to myself, slumping to rest on Harry’s sweaty chest. My timing superb, the spunk splattered my cervix... at least so it felt... so I imagine. Yes, Jack will need patience in his oral efforts to gather and cleanse.  


Anonymous said...

This story is phenomenal. Will you ever make Jack suck Harry's cock to get a load from the source or have Harry fuck him?

Chris Bellows said...


Glad you are enjoying.

The story is 'in the can', to use movie parlance... written a while back and for some reason left to sit in my hard drive for a year or two.

Thus I cannot remember and the story line is not subject to change or revision.