Saturday, August 16, 2014

A Woman in Control - A good life gets better VII

A good life gets better VII

I glow in satiation yet find the vigor to dismount. Jack remains standing at the doorway. I approach. He’s seen enough.

“Bed,” I command.

A mortified and dejected Jack reluctantly tiptoes to the single mattress centered in his chamber. He lies, I quickly attach the straps to ankles and wrists, pulling to tighten with ease. Added to his bondage is a strap attached right and left to his waist belt, i. e. the receiving antenna and battery pack. This further immobilizes, driving home the message of complete feminine dominion. I slip on his hood, then plug in the waist belt to recharge the batteries.

As I check the straps to assure exacting tightness, Jack finds the temerity to speak.

“You look very pretty, Miss Desiree,” the tone so heartwarmingly timid.

I smooth a hand along a cheek then reach beneath the hood to remove the audacious cheap earrings.

“Thank you, Jack. And I feel great. Harry is a great lover, don’t you think? So nicely hung... and patient in letting me do my thing. Quite virile, as you will find. I think I’m filled.”

“I’d like to do that... make you feel great. Like Harry.”

I laugh.

“It will never ever happen, Jack. You’ve been castrated... and are locked in a steel cock cage. But I’ll be in later and you can lick me. For now, I think Harry’s good for one more ride... if not two. Now go to sleep, it’s late... almost nine p.m.”

Jack’s slumber time is that of a child. I deliberately bed him more than necessary, bringing endless tedium as he lies bound and helpless.

It’s good for him... for a psyche which capitulates more each day. He’s seen me fuck with purpose... aggressively taking not giving. Now I will leave the bedroom door open and he will listen in darkness... and in complete immobility. It will frustrate, his wife fucking another man... and with such fervor. Yes, he’ll pine for his own opportunity... and that will never ever come. He’ll just cook and clean... the latter task to include my pussy. 

And indeed, I am going to ride Harry again. My attitude is... if there is an iota of spunk available... I want it. Harry is to be depleted. Drained, his penis will be milked and milked by my deft PC muscles. I’m not completely greedy... after all I share his spunk with Jack.

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