Sunday, August 10, 2014

'The Sash' available from Lulu

I am offering the completed manuscript on Lulu for those who wish to read ahead.

49,000 words. $6.00

The Sash (ID #15080764):

Although there is male on male interaction, I believe aficionados of the Femdom genre will be more than adequately entertained.




Anonymous said...

I devoured this story. A little too much male on male action for my taste but nonetheless a very nice story and enjoyable to read.
My favorite part/sub story was the queens revenge on Egbert Pendleton...would love to see this kind of setting more often and in greater detail in your stories.

Chris Bellows said...


Glad you enjoyed.

There are those who, though not necessarily homophiles, find amusement in forced male and male interaction. And it does make for an ironic story line in terms of the comparative/relative sexual deviance... mother vs. son.

There will surely be more Egbert Pendletons. It's what CB does.



Anonymous said...

I too devoured this story.
I must admit that I love male on male interaction, but there again,I am a homophile.