Monday, March 2, 2015


In the event this blog no longer passes muster with the Google censors, I have begun a Tumblr blog as an insurance policy.

It will take time for me to learn the 'ins and outs' of posting there. Not sure the sequencing will be as apparent as on this blog, but I'm learning.

Need feedback. So let me know if the blog can be located and visited.



EDWARD said...

I have found the new site.Tumblr is a regular for me .Thanks for the Great stories,this one is off to a great start.

Anonymous said...

Google has decided not to continue on with the blog search and destroy. So don't worry for now. It was even in the local paper.

Chris Bellows said...


Hopefully that is correct.

In an odd way, I was looking forward to having some new readers... even in the form of censors.

Thanks for the input.


Hope101 said...

I left a comment on your tumblr blogbutI'm not sure if it will post, so here it is:

Well my question has been answered! You are going to make us privy to the indoctrination of these males. Thank you!(btw, I'm Hope on your old blog).

So, if what the previous commenter posted is true, will you posting on both blogs now or just tumblr?

Anonymous said...

I also found the new site without any problems - looking forward to some more of your superb stories. Regards.