Saturday, February 28, 2015

Ownership - Part I - The Clinic - ChangingTime/A Parting Gift

Changing Time

Knees to chest, straps encumbering thighs and calves, Kelly sprays away the mass of urine and feces, three days of odorous excretions. Gratefully the room air immediately begins to clear. Within moments she can ironically begin to detect her own scent, sans undergarments the evidence of her arousal quite apparent. 

Spray hose stowed, she palms the meaty scrotal sac, kneading the plump testicles, enjoying her power, gently squeezing to bring forth a paroxysmal twitch of the arms. And yes the untouched penis stirs, slowly engorging with the many days of neglect and abundant hormones.

“Your penis is hardening again, Chestnuts. Do you like showing off for women,” Kelly pressing the button for speech. “You may reply.” 

The molt gag remaining aside, Kelly begins the psychological process of bonding, knowing that the sense of relief overwhelms, knowing that her charge must fully understand that it is a controlling woman... she with ownership... who has bestowed such relief.

“I... I don’t know, Miss Kelly,” the diction mangled by altered teeth.

“You should give it some thought. I’ll put you on display if you’d like. Good boys, obedient boys, get freed of the table.”

“To move!”

“Oh yes. You be a good boy and you can show off your erection to all the nurses and visitors here.”

“No diapers!”

“Without anything. You’d like that wouldn’t you! Being shown naked.”

“Well it would be nice to use the bathroom instead of... instead of... soiling myself.”

“I’d put you back in diapers, Chestnuts. Your nakedness would only be for a little while. I like having you in diapers... keeps you randy and eager to be cleansed... keeps your penis nice and ripe... your balls juicy.”

Kelly fills a bowl with warm water, adds soap, locates a razor. The maternal care... the exacting care... begins.

A Parting Gift

Having cleansed, shaved, and applied depilation lotion Kelly entertains herself splaying the upturned cheeks and inserting two fingers well into the rectum. In finding the prostate gland she notes Chestnuts’ penis twitches with every slight press of her curled fingers. Pre ejaculatory fluid begins to ooze, bringing a glisten to the engorged purple penis tip. It is demented joy, forcing forth what as been so cruelly repressed... but joy all the same.

Meanwhile Chestnuts moans, the powerful lotion burning sensitive flesh, the bottle’s explicit directions to avoid contact with the genitals explicitly ignored.

Sensing progress in the battle for glabrousness, Kelly withdraws her penetrating fingers and grasps a moist towel finally ending the searing torment with cooling relief. There will be more visits, more applications, more suffering, and finally the follicles will permanently surrender.

Meanwhile, feminine power bringing vaginal frothiness, Kelly for sure detects the scent of her own arousal. She steps to the sink, disposes of the cleansing towel and washes her hands. She then reaches under her skirt finding the evidence of her arousal, coating many fingers. In returning to her toy, she moistens his nose and upper lip. Observing the reaction of the male hound amuses. He deeply inhales, his stiffness waggling, his delight undisguised.  

‘They’re all hounds,’ she thinks to herself, noting her scent fosters further priapism.

Yes, Chestnuts will be trained, the joy of being cleansed, the feel of warm soothing caresses, sensing smooth soapiness, will be ingrained with the scent of her feminine fragrance. He’ll learn to savor it.

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