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Ownership - Part I - The Clinic - The Guidebook


Part I, The Clinic

The Guidebook

The director has mandated that contact not begin until Kelly Davis has reviewed the guidebook. Returning home, chilled glass of wine, Kelly spends an evening reading. She finds the guidebook is written in three parts, Indoctrination, the so termed interval during which she will manifest her control and ownership, Care and Feeding of the Subjugated Male, more or less suggestions for a satisfying ongoing relationship, Recalcitrance and Discipline. Kelly assumes the latter segment to be perused if unexpected events unfold, such as a return to male aggression.

She finds the manuscript to be well written and well researched, clinical psychologists summarizing many years of hands on experimentation and behavior analysis.

Kelly reads that for many males there is a yearning, deeply encrusted in the psyche, to return to a maternal environment. A need to be nurtured. A desire to be freed of responsibility. To bring to the surface these latent wants, the Clinic begins with many days of sensory deprivation. All care coming from a governing woman... and at her whim... never in response to request or pleading.

The male is immersed, learning that nothing is under his control. All comes from a supervising maternal authority.

It is during this interval that the process of imbuing ownership begins. The male finds that food, water, cleansing, basic things such a bathroom needs are meted by she in charge... she with eventual ownership.

As Kelly reads the moisture returns in contemplating the level of the strict restraint, the regiment from which there is to be no deviation. And the diapering, so clever, forcing the male to return to childhood, wallowing in bodily fluids and excretions until a controlling woman deems soothing relief should be offered... perhaps the term ‘earned’ more apropos.

Diagrams outline the process for removal and changing of the incredibly confining canvas. This is required study, for it is Kelly as prospective owner who will be charged with the task. The male will find his only relief from the endless, sightless soundless tedium will come from her.

Alas, the table to which her pet is secured folds downward at the middle. Thus at changing time, the ankles are released and the decubitus position, knees to chest is assumed. The guidebook suggests the patient will willingly comply, knowing that in order to be finally cleaned, exacting compliance will be demanded.

Yes, after many days of lying on one’s irritating and odoriferous wastes, Kelly imagines the obedience to be total. Bring the knees to the chest... or wallow longer. The guidebook suggests days... not hours... of further delay, continued wallowing, if any resistance or lack of cooperation is displayed.            

The position exposes the adjustable strap, locking to the waist band at the back. The Segufix magnetic post can thus be readily removed, the strap pulled from under and the metal lined canvas slipped away. This permits the soggy, stool soiled undergarment to be released and dropped to the tiled floor, handling minimal.

Then comes a warm spray, found to be most soothing in dousing skin chafed by many days of irritation, one’s own urine bringing slow endless torment.

‘Cradle the testicles, handle the male genitals with clinical authority,’ the guidebook emphasizes. ‘Clean the penis with deliberation, but no evidence of passion. Consider it an object in need of attention... brief attention... a mantel piece in need of dusting. Manifest ownership over organs the male normally vaunts. The evanescent touch of a controlling woman will speak loudly.’

Shaving is found to be demeaning and therefore necessary. Ultimately swathing about depilation lotion for permanent glabrousness recommended.

Kelly is enthused by the paragraph concerning erections.

‘During this process, though quick and austere, the chaste virile male will tumefy. This is not to be encouraged or discouraged. But discussion, calling attention to this embarrassing state, will enhance the process. Humiliation fosters humbleness.’

The guidebook has a photo. The head of a prospective pet is propped up, the hands of a governing woman having released the head bondage so the male can peer at a massive erection standing between thighs, apparently up turned for cleansing.  

‘You can see... but never touch,’ the encaptioned words of the smiling woman so flippantly driving home her authority.

A following paragraph explains the need for ice, flaccidity required for the return to diapering.

Kelly smiles in imagining the plaintive yelps as dripping coldness denies the male organ further celebration of its brief freedom.

‘The penis is to be drawn between the thighs, tip to the rectum,’ advice offered before absorbent cloth is returned to the adult infant.

A diagram shows a fresh diaper nestling the buttocks and genitals. ‘Tightness cannot be over emphasized,’ the guidebook offering a sequential diagram of the locking strap tucked under the waist band and pulled most firmly before the magnetic Segufix post is thrust through metal grommets in the strap to secure in place.

‘The male needs to feel the controlling touch of a woman at all times. Anal insertions should be given consideration. With proper laxatives, stool will still be exuded with strained effort... and sloppily as desired... greatly intensifying the level of discomfort... both psychological and physical.’

Such cruelty, Kelly thinks to herself, the male forced to labor to relieve his bowels.

In finishing the segment on Indoctrination, she sips her Chardonnay and recalls the director’s final comments. Yes, weeks of indoctrination... certainly not months. The male will break and capitulate, there is no doubt.  

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