Saturday, February 14, 2015

Ownership - Part I - The Clinic - A First Visit

A First Visit

Guidebook completed, at least the indoctrination segment, Kelly Davis returns to the Clinic, her interview with the director bringing her to regard the drab structure of concrete as more of a penitentiary than place of rehabilitation.

She brims with excitement, her smile effervescing as a nurse greets at the reception desk, checks for authorization, then arises to lead to room seven.

“He’s had his daily meal. When you decide to begin feeding him, it is best to call before noon.”

The Guidebook likewise so informed Kelly. She has decided to introduce herself first in diaper changing and later assume the task of spoon feeding the Clinic’s special concoction to her charge.

“Do you know the patient’s name?” Kelly reverting to her many years in nursing.

“They have no names here. Their past lives are more or less obliterated with the mental stress and isolation. You may call him whatever you’d like,” the nurse smiling wickedly with her reply.

Kelly also smiles. She recalls as a little girl naming her pet puppy. Such fun she and mother had in formulating an appropriate appellation.

The nurse opens the room seven door and steps aside to allow her entry. Kelly notes she flips a sign at the door knob...’do not disturb’.

“If you intend to change him, all you’ll need are in the cabinets to your left. The Segufix lock release hangs from a pouch in the right hand cabinet. If you choose to have him speak please return him to the gag thereafter. The button beside the door summons the duty nurse should you encounter difficulty or have a directive.”

Yes, a directive, Kelly is pleasantly reminded. The Guidebook so indicated. As prospective owner, she now directs all elements of her charge’s care. She moistens again in being so empowered. Perhaps she will increase the flow of the drip bag... keep those kidneys in good order and his diaper in great need.

The door closes leaving Kelly alone with the supine well restrained form. The odor of bodily excretions is stronger, two more days lying in filth. She marvels at her change in attitude. As a nurse of some ten years the task facing her was considered drudgery, so many infirmed patients in similar need. Yet the protocol at the Clinic affords such desirous caprice. She can do as she wishes... a young virile male to be completely subject to her whim.

Kelly steps forth and again watches the drip bag, smiling at the slight but constant aggravation as drop after drop splashes to the yawning mouth, the tongue twitching, and her charge helplessly swallowing. Curiosity... brazenness... prompts her to reach forth, fingers slipping into the opening forced by the metal strips of the cruel molt gag. Yes, she gathers the tongue, newly freed of its entrapping frenulum, pinches and tugs. The male form lurches, the Segufix bonds holding fast. The length of slimy pink futilely attempts to retract as a delighted Kelly unravels to display to herself the impressive length and budding agility. When another droplet splashes, she finds her grip impedes the ability to swallow, the naked form coughing with heightened aggravation.

Lesson learned... turn off the drip bag when exercising the altered sex organ.     
She releases. The form calms, a subsequent droplet more readily ingested.

Kelly next presses a button to the side of the form’s well restrained and hooded head. The Guidebook informed that with a press of her finger, hearing is temporarily returned to her prospective companion.

“I am Kelly Davis... Miss Kelly to you,” the words offered as she reaches with her free hand to turn off the drip bag. “My nose suggests you need changing. Would you like to be changed?”

The question of course is superfluous, Kelly knowing the form has been forced to lie motionless in his own sludge and juices for many days.

The gag inhibits speech, but still there comes a gurgling sound, the desperate words indecipherable.

“If you want to be changed, thrust forth your tongue... waggle it for me.”

Ah, Kelly’s first command. More moisture flows as a most compliant young male obeys, the tongue eagerly fluttering about with zeal. It beseeches.

“Then you’ll need to be a good boy for me. When I release your ankles I’ll want your legs folded, knees to your chest. You will remain so while I tend to you.”

Kelly steps to the cabinet and retrieves the simple but clever device which releases the magnetic capping lock from the metal pins of the Segufix straps and cuffs. In seconds the ankle cuffs are released. As Kelly lifts to guide the feet upwards, she notes bands of smooth seamless steel encircle the ankles, before covered by the Segufix cuffs. Though lighter in gauge, such match the steel waist band.

The form meekly complies, knees to chest... such eagerness. Ah... to be finally cleansed. With the motion the room fills with the odorous collection of excretions. Kelly realizes that haste will be of benefit during the initial stages of cleansing. She thus encircles thigh and calves with straps, holding legs right and left in a folded position, and releases a lever to fold down the lower portion of the table. She then moves to the right wall where there is a sink, water faucets and waiting hose and spray nozzle.

It’s a smelly endeavor, tending to a diaper soiled with many days build up. But Kelly reminds herself that as unpleasant as her duty is, her well restrained charge has lain in the irritation for days, slowly breaking the will. Such wickedness, returning the hapless male to childhood.

With knees to chest, the Segufix lock securing the strap of the canvass to the steel waist band is well exposed. Again, it is rapidly released, the strap pulled away, the metal lined chastity device unhooked and dropped to the floor. Beneath is the absorbent cloth diaper, reeking of days accumulation of urine and stool. Kelly unpins, allowing the foul mass to fall to the floor. There she sprays, alleviating much smell as she adjusts the flow and awaits to assure a comforting temperature.

Warmth flows. She directs the spray to the well exposed buttocks and nicely presented testicles of her charge. She is pleased that within moments, much of the odor dissipates, the tiled floor well drained. She is also pleased with the reaction of the virile young male... her virile young male.

He slowly hardens.   

Kelly turns off the spray. She steps forth, palms the meaty testicles and jostles... celebrating her ownership, inspecting the firming penis with curious pride. It is sizable and uncircumcised, the pink tip turning to purple as tumescence slowly progresses. Its helplessness amuses.

“You’re becoming erect,” Kelly announces in pressing the button for speech.

And the lad blushes, she notes, the humiliation intense.

Kelly decides to pause. Wrists and hooded head remaining secured, gag in place, there is nothing her charge can do or say other than to wallow in the embarrassment of ignominious exhibition.

She would like to just leave him be, watching with a smile as a restrained hand challenges the Segufix cuff in an attempt to stroke and play. But alas, cleansing must continue.

Kelly prepares a basin of warm soapy water, finds a straight edged razor and notes there also awaits a bottle of depilatory lotion which she knows to be quite strong.

Ah, the privileges of ownership...

Now, what should I name him? her thoughts wandering as she works. 

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