Saturday, March 14, 2015

Ownership - Part I - The Clinic - Devotion and Obedience

Devotion and Obedience

Having fed and bathed her toy, Kelly decides to alter her protocol, returning Chestnuts to his diaper, canvas covering pulled tightly and locked. Normally she exercises his tongue while he is gloriously erect. On this visit it shall not be. No longer will both male sex organs be free to flutter about in the room air.

“It’s too tight,” Chestnuts brazenly breaking the rule of silence as Kelly rights the table and returns his ankles to the Segufix cuffs.

“Sush,” Kelly admonishes, grasping the ever growing tongue. “You are never to speak without permission,” tugging with fervor to indeed bring silence.

Up, down, right, left... energetic twists bring groans and gasps for air. Still, when Kelly lifts, she finds the tip of the altered length can nearly touch the bridge of his nose. She fantasizes in having her boy lick his eyebrows, an impossibly bestial task, but thoughts of which bring moisture.     

Satisfied, the wet pink tiring with the feeding and many, many minutes of her handiwork, Kelly introduces a new dimension to her control and governance.

“Chestnuts, as you know you are to be completely obedient to me. I decide when you are to be freed, when to be cleansed, what you are to eat and when. Everything comes from me. With that comes obedience... and devotion,” Kelly lectures as she double checks the many restraints.

All is well, she notes... ankles and wrists bound, hooded head in restrictive bondage as well.

“Some further training for you,” Kelly begins, gently placing her hand over the opening for mouth and nose. “I want to control your breathing. I am going to cover your mouth and pinch closed your nose. Then I will count to ten... slowly... and then you may take your next breath. You shall not again breathe until I decide. Struggle, in any manner move against your straps, and I will begin the count again. You are to remain completely motionless and accept my governance.”

With her proclamation Kelly feels twinges... within. She is in need she realizes... of her vibrator. She wishes Chestnuts was broken, though the process has been most entertaining. She delights in imagining that tongue... an organ trained... altered... molded for her desire... her pleasure... working in earnest rather then wastefully waggling in the room air. With her thoughts her hand covers, her thumb and index finger indeed pinching closed the nostrils. Breathing curtailed, she begins.

“One... two... three...”

Kelly counts with deliberation, feeling for motion... for disobedience to her controlling hand. She senses tremors.... but such are hers... her loins quivering with ultimate power.

“Four... five... six...” 

Wickedly, she slows. Such caprice! But so it will be. Her toy will comply, he has no choice. Though he must breathe, he will next do so at her whim.

“Seven... eight...”

Kelly senses a spasm, arms fighting the straps. The count stops. She graciously removes her hand to permit a paroxysmal gasp for air.

“Bad boy. Bad Chestnuts. You’ll need to try again...”

Though oxygen not fully restored, the hand returns. It covers, fingers pinching. As her count begins again, Chestnuts begins to understand his owner’s earnestness... and Kelly’s vagina gushes.

The added protocol is not without purpose. Besides bringing the once belligerent psyche to complete capitulation to a woman’s power, exceptional cunnilingus will require intervals of breath control. Kelly wants exceptional oral satiation... and Kelly shall have it.

“One... two... three...”

Within weeks, she will be counting to twenty and beyond... and Chestnuts will meekly lie... so desirous of the next breath... but so eager to please with his utter docility. 

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Anonymous said...

Fantastic in the depth and breadth of Her control. Whilst She is breathing deeply from Her excitement he is not breathing at all for increasing lengths of time.