Saturday, March 21, 2015

Ownership - Part I - The Clinic - Infibulation


Kelly again curls up after a long afternoon of exercising her dominion. She has spent many of the interludes between sessions of feeding and bathing Chestnuts engaged in the privileges of wealth. With her prospective ownership, new quarters will be required. A one bedroom apartment will not suffice. Thus she has shopped, initially seeking ideas... location....size... apartment... condominium... house... yard. Keeping a boy has logistical imperatives. Especially keeping one naked and in bondage.

She decides upon a house. Many rooms. A secluded or enclosed yard where Chestnuts can be exercised. In envisioning a dog run within a well fenced back yard she smiles. Explaining her needs to real estate agents has required a degree of subterfuge. But having a large pet seems to suffice... and in a manner of speaking... she does.

With Chardonnay in hand, she returns to the Guidebook. Days ago heightened concupiscence truncated her reading when there came a dire need for her vibrator. The desk nurse mentioned infibulation, a term not fully comprehended. But in flipping to the appropriate segment, explicit close up photos of a male appendage quickly explain the procedure better than words.

So graphic, on a left page is the tip of an uncircumised penis... flaccid, the foreskin abundant. On the right page, infibulation summarily illustrated. The photos are before and after... and the after snapshot stirs wondrous thoughts of feminine dominion.

In the ‘after’ photo, the foreskin has been pierced... at the four o’clock and eight o’clock locations... and slipped through the openings is a simple length of wire... ‘U’ shaped... simple but so detrimental to the male. Yes, the ends are secured. A tiny padlock dangles below. And with Kelly’s knowledge of the male anatomy, she quickly understands that the thin strand restricts the foreskin. In precluding retraction, the penis will not... cannot... stiffen. Erection... or rather attempts to erect... will be painfully forestalled.        

Ah. The Clinic... so thorough!... and so thoughtful!

Kelly sips. Kelly reads. An ancient practice is infibulation... forcing chastity on the Greek athletes of antiquity... keeping Roman slaves randy and eager to serve their female owners.

And done with openings no larger than a pin prick!

Kelly thinks how much Chestnuts revels in being freed of his diaper... freed to stiffen and show himself to her. Yes, over her many visits it has become a privilege for him to become erect.

But should not such a privilege be granted solely under the auspices of a governing woman?

The vibrator awaits, spare batteries always at the ready.

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