Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Another Story III - Kept Naked, Made Eager to Please

More. I like the title. Comments?

“How does it feel?” a crooked finger simply hooks the nasal loop and gently pulls right then left. Gregory’s face instantly follows, the thousands of nerving endings mandating that stress there be minimized.

“Owww. It’s like something tugging on my brain.”

Dr. Audrey laughs.

“Yes, the sinuses offer quite the lever for control, don’t you think?”

Gregory nods, hating himself for having to agree.

“Want to walk for me? Get some exercise?”

“Yes please.”

Gregory cannot count the hours in the stocks. He knows it has been for more than one day. And by now he realizes everything is under the control of the imposing Miss V and the equally daunting Dr. Audrey Meredith Darrows.

“Good. I’ll walk you. I like walking a boy.”

The doctor steps to a corner of the stall and removes a black cloth garment from a wall hook. There is also a wooden pole which she takes in her right hand.

“We’re going to go very slowly and you will need to listen carefully and respond to my voice and pulls on the training pole.”

Gregory stares at the simple but ominous length of wood. On one end of the six foot length is a clasp, and he immediately knows of its purpose.

“Here we go. Your first training session.”

The cloth garment of black is a hood, easily slipped over Gregory’s entrapped head. With a single hole for the mouth and nose it curtails his vision. Loose strings are somewhat tightened about the neck line and then sure enough, Gregory feels fingers working about his nose loop. The training pole is attached.

“Now, when I release the stocks, you are to stand and place your hands behind your head. I will then guide you from the stall and we’ll walk about a bit. If you’re good we’ll go outside and get you some air.”

“But I have no clothing,” Gregory protests.

The doctor laughs.

“Another rule... no talking. Boys that talk eventually have their vocal cords sutured.”

Gregory feels his wrists loosen and his heart leaps as the thick plank rises from the back of his neck. Overwhelmed with joy he diligently obeys, standing, his knees somewhat shaky, and places his hands behind his head. He realizes that the doctor is graciously moving the training pole, alleviating any undesired tension on his nasal loop.

He also notes that the pole places her beyond reach of his hands, should he seek to strike out in defiance. And with sight denied, he doubts whether he can release the clasp before his governing woman can lift and place him in intense agony for his disobedience. And sure enough, he receives a quick demonstration, feeling powerful upward tension on the nasal loop, the slightest motion of the doctor’s hand translating through leverage into incredibly painful stress on his sinuses.

He cries out with the pain hearing Dr. Audrey chuckle, learning of her sang froid in delivering her message of total control.

“Now you know to be good. Come, walk for me.”

The words are offered as an encouraging mother to a child taking his first steps. But a slight pull on the nasal loop brings incredible agony. Gregory begins to understand the fiendish design. Though there comes an initial reaction of resistance, perhaps to strike out at she bringing pain, the pole places her beyond reach. Yet he is well within her control, the slightest jostling transmitting unbearable stress on the deeply penetrating loop.

So the initial vengeful thought quickly wanes, all thoughts turning to the minimization of duress. And Gregory learns that the woman is masterful in bringing his naked form well under her auspices, her words of instruction quick, clear and timely.

“Right foot... left. A turn to the right. Three steps forward. We’ll pause...”

Gregory’s mind becomes immersed. Thoughts of resistance dissipate. Within minutes he feels the warmth of sunlight and an odd sense of gratitude glows with it. Yet he is naked and outdoors! To be seen by whom!

“Yes, you are a good boy, Gregory. No longer disorderly... yet remaining indecently exposed for me. Do you like being stripped of all clothing before a woman? Brought under her exacting control? You may speak”

“I... I... don’t know.”

The pole brings him to a stop. He feels a finger tip playfully diddle the underside of his penis. He has not before realized that somehow, for some reason, he has stiffened for his trainer.

“I think I have my answer.”

Silence ensues, Dr. Audrey leaving her naked charge to his thoughts as she walks with deliberation assuring Gregory directionally follows, responding first to obviously right or left tension on the nasal loop. In time he will learn to instantly react to the slightest change, the training at the farm of Dr. Audrey Meredith Darrows known to be endless and exacting.

Gregory knows not where he is, but the dirt is smooth and powdery, easy on his feet. The wind rustles through trees and the scent of pine is strong. Offered sight, he would mostly likely agree that Dr. Audrey has adequately described the seclusion of her homestead. Strangely, there comes a radiant glow of comfort. For the first time in many hours he can move... somewhat fettered... but move.

“Feels good to be out of the stocks?” Dr. Audrey inquires in leading him back to the barn.

“Yes, ma’am... I suppose.”

“Well we’ll do this again... and again. I think you enjoy it.”

Gregory once again feels a finger tip ever so teasingly diddling the underside of his penis. Yes, it has remained standing for the entire interval of exercise.


Back in the stocks, Gregory finds his time with Miss V to be dichotomously pleasant and aggravating. There is the depilation of his entire body, his scrotum seeming to be set afire with each application of the twice daily coating of chemicals. But then comes the removal, knowing hands laving his nakedness with warm water and soft chamois. And after that Miss V slathers his form with a sweet smelling viscous lotion, massaging and kneading everywhere. It tingles, bringing enervation to skin he can longer touch, his entrapped muscles most appreciative of her tendance... the amazingly powerful hands bringing grateful relief to long cramped limbs.

And yes he stiffens, the period of chastity causing hormone levels to mount, the priapic young male reacting with increasing firmness. And Miss V encourages, complimenting each stand.

“It’s so nice of you to show off for me, Gregory.”

With the words will come a brief and momentarily satisfying caress of his shaft, perhaps even an evanescent squeeze and twist, her hand action both pleasurable yet frustrating.

Yes, there is operant conditioning, the captured male trained to display his virility most unabashedly. Gregory learns that a good stiff penis earns him kind words and pleasurable, though brief, attention, his time otherwise spent kneeling or lying in tedious unending bondage.

Feeding times bring some degree of entertainment. Miss V stands quite proximate, the small patch limiting coverage of her mons shifting about as she reaches for another spoonful of sustenance. The flashes of pink, now deemed succulent by the chaste, distract... but do so with welcome.

On or about the fifth day of his captivity, Gregory outright gawks, not disguising his interest as the covering flops about. Miss V notes his attentiveness and challenges.

“Many boys here like to taste as well as look, Gregory,” her tone of voice playful.

Gregory has no clever retort. Though the offer seems most inviting, too generous, he knows not what to say.

“Would you like to taste as well?”

How can he not nod his head, the many days of exacting servitude, of bondage, of depilation, and beg for lustful diversion? Though the stocks encumber, there comes a strained motion and a humble ‘yes’.

“Good. Well you have to earn the privilege. I want you to stiffen for me. Bring yourself to a nice stand, a big hard on for Miss V.”

With that, Miss V puts aside the food bowl and spoon. Her right hand lowers and the fingers pull aside the small almost irrelevant flap of cloth, to reveal in full glory her most enticing sex. Well trimmed, pressed within meaty brown outer labia are luscious folds of pink inner flesh, seeming to beckon a parting tongue. Above, a sizable hood serves to veil what Gregory imagines to be an inviting pearl of feminine pleasure, begging to be engulfed, devoured, hungrily sucked into the warm wet of a subservient mouth.

Yes, Gregory’s gawk intensifies, outright staring, his hunger evident though sustenance has been well offered.

Miss V smiles and momentarily steps to the side, peering beneath the kneeling form to note the reaction. Yes, Gregory obediently stiffens, his hormones, his conditioning spurring the desired result.

“Yes, a taste for my erect plaything,” Miss V announces.

The fingers of the left hand again push aside the patch, then press and splay to part the outer labia, The fingers of the right dive within, gathering an abundance of warm wet. Gregory then finds disappointment as she slowly coats his face with her essence, the aroma overwhelming. Then fingers finally find his lips, there to offer a taste as bargained.

“I prefer you to be hard for me, Gregory. I take care of you, and you in turn need to please me... and showing off your erect penis... performing for me... pleases.”


And so to Gregory’s grueling protocol, lying prostrate with penis and balls well exposed, and pressed to the floor, kneeling in his stocks while depilated and fed, being trained to walk blindfolded and respond to a woman’s directing tugs, comes the need... perhaps an ingrained desire... to stiffen... and earn the lustful offering of Miss V’s juices.

Day after day after day.

Yes, Gregory hardens to the sound of Miss V’s approaching voice. He also finds that being walked about naked and leashed to the training pole also brings a priapic response. Yet since there is no one to disapprove, no observers to jeer, scold and upbraid, he lets what is seeming to become a natural response continue unfettered.

And his keepers seem pleased... and that in turn strangely pleases him.

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addamms said...

Your writing always astounds me. Slowly, carefully you extract the utmost humiliation from a scene that in grosser hands would be succinct and dry. Bravo!