Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Another Story II

Comments please - I am beginning to like this story


“It burns.”

“You’ll become accustomed to it. Twice a day until the follicles surrender. For some it requires a few days... for others weeks.”

“I need to lie down.”

“Of course you do. You’ll have many needs here. Some of which will be well addressed. Others... well overall you’ll be happy... in time. And you need to develop manners. My name is Vocinda... Miss Vocinda to my boys. But you may call me Miss V.”

Gregory listens, totally focused as he remains standing stooped at the waist in the stocks. Though exhausted, having spent most of the night indeed standing with wrists cuffed high to the cell bars, the searing pain of the depilation lotion impels the flow of adrenalin. The combined cerebral input... the need to rest... the need to address the slowly mounting pain... overwhelms. Normally feisty, somewhat truculent, the soothing voice, though quite firm, brings odd sanguineness. It is evident, in listening to her voice, sensing her palpating hands as every inch of his flesh is coated, that she has before handled boys... naked boys... well bound boys... boys enduring trauma.

“How do your balls feel? The reaction of skin there is the worst I am told.”

“They’re on fire!”

“Just a little pain to please us. It’s all in your mind, remember that. And the results are well worth it. A nice smooth and pink scrotum for the doctor. We like that here.”

“You’re bitches!”

Lotion fully applied, Miss V steps to the front, finally offering her huge form for full gaze.

“Tsk, tsk. Such manners.”

Gregory stares in astonishment. The woman of color is over six foot and broad... but only at the shoulders and hips. A tubular halter covers only the mammary glands, leaving arms and massive shoulders bare. With the slightest motion, uncovered abdominal muscles ripple as do thigh muscles. But what most attracts the young male eye is the very brief loosely hanging patch of cloth which most immodesty serves to veil her pubes... until she moves. Then a well trimmed mons flashes into view... tantalizing... forcing libidinous thoughts. Only a thin cord circling about the hips, seemingly a mere string, precludes complete nakedness from the waist downward.

“You’ll soon learn your place. The more obstreperous at the start, the more quickly they become obedient.”

A simple finger extends, curling to hook within the newly installed loop of hardened rubber, and pulling upward. Gregory senses instant agony, making the slow burn of the depilation lotion pale.

“You should begin to imagine yourself on the end of a leash... and what a firm correcting tug will feel like,” Miss V interjecting for the first time the practicality of the nasal modification. “So no more invectives.”

Gregory looks up into a most handsome face of deep mocha. It is a knowing face... exuding confidence... knowledge... though appearing youthful there is a comforting maturity.

“You’re here to perform for us. And you will soon learn to enjoy performing for us. This is not the place to make trouble. You should apologize.”

The finger slowly increases the tension on the loop until Gregory yelps with the intense pain. Miss V smiles and eases the tension... momentarily.

“Now what do you have to say?”

“I am sorry Miss V.”

“Good boy. How does it feel having a woman control you like that?”

“It feels as if something has entered my brain, like you’re tugging on my mind.”

“Yes, they all report about the same reaction. Rather effective form of bondage, wouldn’t you agree. As big as I am... as strong as I am... it was only my index finger that brought capitulation, Gregory.”

Miss V releases.

“Time for a rinse. When it stops burning, that means it’s done.”

Once again Miss V steps from sight and Gregory feels her hands, now known to be powerful and quite governing, as every inch of his flesh is laved with warm comforting rinsing water. It feels good, and despite the stress, the lack of sleep, he feels a twitch within his loins. He curses himself, but there is strange comfort as the woman tenderly assures the lotion is removed. Her divine near nakedness prompted a degree of stimulation. And now with his genitals left for last, Gregory convinces himself that he is firming... and it embarrasses. Sure enough, as the warm wet chamois caresses, Miss V takes note.

“Yes, a nice firm erection for me. You’ll be performing for sure.”

With the lotion gone, to emphasize her point, the same directing finger used to demonstrate the nasal loop presses downward on the engorged penis tip, then instantly slips away. Gregory learns just how tumescent has been his reaction. The organ snaps upwards to thump against his belly, bringing forth girlish laughter.

“You now see why we restrain your hands. I am sure a boy like you would like to play.”

An otherwise vociferous Gregory has no retort. As Miss V lowers the stocks, enabling him to lie somewhat prostrate in long over due rest, he utters a very meek and sheepish ‘thank you’.

“You’ll need to soften. I want you flat on your belly, penis pointing down, balls well exposed between your thighs.”

Gregory feels fingers poking and prodding to bring his organs into compliance. With his firmness there comes discomfort and that fosters the required flaccidity. Then he feels tension on his ankle cuffs. Such have been attached to something behind him, mandating the prostrate position and that he indeed lie flat, his manhood awkwardly forced in the desired direction his plump denuded testicles nestled between parted thighs.

“That’s good. We like it when a boy shows himself.”

Gregory feels teasing fingers augmenting the sense of exposure... the display of his organs.

“Do not soil the floor. We supervise all toilet functions here,” Miss V stepping forth and holding a metal bowl to make her point.


Gregory awakens. How long he has slept he cannot know. He can hear the pleasant yet demanding voice of Miss V. She speaks, but there are heard not any discernible replies. Still, it is apparent there are others in the barn as daylight better illuminates.

The presence of the nasal loop stirs the memory of the daunting procedure, the seemingly combustible depilation cream... and lastly the humiliation of tumefying in response to his care giver’s touch. And whereas rest felt good, Gregory’s bounds have not permitted an iota of motion. Whereas sleep was paramount, his limbs now crave mobility.

“That’s a good boy. Spread nice and wide for me.”

Yes, the demanding controlling voice, offering encouraging words for someone whose behavior is deemed apropos.

Finally the mammoth figure steps around a wooden petition to Gregory’s front. She smiles most charmingly then disappears behind. A bare foot brushes the well exposed penis and scrotum, then teasingly caresses.

“Sleep well?”

“Yes, Miss V, but I need to be released.”

“Of course you do.”

There comes odd gratitude as the woman who so tightly bound now loosens the ankle tethers. Then she reappears to the front bends at the waist and meaty hands slip under the ponderous pair of planks which entrap hands and head.

“Up you go. Kneel for me.” Miss V sprightly offers in lifting.

The height of the planks, attached to posts right and left, is adjustable.

“Good boy.”

Gregory shifts his legs, changing from his forced prostrate position, his knees mercifully bending, his feet sliding beneath. Then as Miss V disappears to his rear he notes for the first time that her buttocks... large, well, rounded, muscular but still alluringly feminine... are completely uncovered. He is disappointed with only a glimpse. Then he feels fingers rummaging about his rectum.


“Just a suppository. With so many boys, I have to keep all the bowels on schedule,” she casually coos despite the untidy stigma of the subject matter.

Miss V returns to sight. The metal bowl awaits on floor of the stall. She retrieves it and stands most proximate to Gregory’s encumbered head, the loose patch covering her pubes flopping about to flash the brownish pink of her sex beneath.

“Say when, no sloppiness,” she again advises as she tousles his hair.

“When will I get out of this thing? You cannot keep me like this forever!”

Miss V laughs... a knowing laugh... a wordless retort to apparent naivete. She pats his cheek.

“Oh, Gregory, you’d be surprised what we can do... and what you can... and will... endure. Release will be ours to offer... not yours to request. Miss V will give you a nice massage if you perform for me. Just part your knees and fill the basin.”

“Ok. It’s working,” the words are humble and difficult to offer, but Gregory finds the suppository to be effective.

“And I think you need a hair cut. It will make you feel better. Cooler for you when we work you,” Miss C advises as she once again steps out of sight to the rear.

Gregory spreads and feels the basin positioned between his knees. He is most chagrined to have to empty himself in such a manner. His words are not the only humble reaction. He feels himself blushing and quivers as the powerful knowing hands, those that palpated every inch of his flesh the night before, assist by splaying his cheeks.

“You don’t need...”

“Hush. Just perform. Learning to perform is important here. You’ll become very accustomed to my touch.”

In silence, Gregory’s bowels move to complete the ignoble deed, his excrement plunking to the waiting bowl.

“Your bladder,” no sooner said then Miss V grasps his penis and the plunking is followed by the hiss and pinging of his flow.

“Yes, such a good boy. I think you enjoy being handled by a woman, Gregory.”

The thought embarrasses. Still, nature’s call is answered, and in finishing, Gregory feels the controlling hand shake rather teasingly in assuring all droplets are captured. No sloppiness indeed.

“Would you like to harden again for me? Come, make yourself nice and stiff for Miss V. So many of my boys like to show off for me.”

Such a sultry tone of voice, such curiously encouraging words. As the hand releases and Miss V stows the bowl, Gregory indeed feels himself engorge.

What is happening?

Shears appear from somewhere as Miss V returns to his front. In nearness, Gregory cannot help wordlessly gazing at the partially covered pubes as his head is shorn of hair.

“Yes, you all enjoy giving up control... and peeking... and some like to taste,” Miss V’s words tantalizing, as a hand lowers to briefly slip aside the limited covering of the small patch.

The expanse of pinkish brown entices... as does an coaxing whiff of her sex. Gregory’s eyes desire... in need... in lust.

“Good boys get to enjoy. Very good boys get to feast.”

The offer distracts, clumps of Gregory’s hair summarily falling to the barn floor. Then the effort becomes more meticulous, Miss V careful to clip to the very scalp.

“The hood will fit better as well.”

There follows a massage. Gregory never thought the firm hands of a woman could feel so good. He stiffens again for her, on this occasion much less chagrined.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm liking this one a lot. The Vocinda character is very sexy. Her line "Good boys get to Enjoy. Very good boys get to feast" had me ready to buy the book. I hope you will finish this soon and publish at Lulu.

As usual your writing is superb. I appreciate you sharing so freely

JHoltgym said...

agree with Anon.....i hope that the barn and hood evidence a nice equestrian theme here.....thanks Chris!

Chris Bellows said...

Thank you for the feedback.

I have not written of equestrienne pursuits in a while... Liz at Pink Flamingo suggesting such to be a too well worn theme.

But many elements still bring delight... to me. And in writing erotica that is foremost. If it does not stimulate me, then I cannot write it.

Yes a novelette is forthcoming. And I like it.

Will keep all informed.