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Something a little different

I note that some new followers also appreciate female bondage. Though I have written only a little, (my initial charge when writing some 10 years ago was to 'flesh out' the Femdom selections available from Pink Flamingo) there is some stuff I like.

This is from 'Suspension Bondage', available from Pink Flamingo.


Suspension Bondage
Copyright 2008

by Chris Bellows

Author’s Note:

Do not Google the term arroycoo. It is fictionally contrived and has no known real meaning.


Dr. Winthrop Samuels
“So are you familiar with the practice of arroycoo, Dr. Samuels?” the voice husky, the accent well disguised.

The girl is composed, comfortable in speaking to a full adult some fifteen years her senior. The uncharacteristic deep voice serves to remind me that Sunny Sudenskaya is not the child she appears to be. The woman has an effervescent disposition and short styled hair which enhances her youthful presentation... bringing one to think in terms of adolescence. If she were indeed under eighteen years of age many of my thoughts would border on criminal. I cannot, for example, help wondering whether I could grasp enough hair at the back of her head to properly direct her during doggie style sex. I am concluding that I would need to hold onto her ears...

Sunny turns and lifts her face to blow a puff of smoke into the upper reaches of the nearly empty restaurant. Though well before the dinner hour, the maitre d’ notably gasps and hustles toward us. Smoking is banned by law. Sunny’s naughty smile suggests she is well aware of her transgression and stubs out the cigarette on the bread dish before the animated form arrives. All ash trays have been relegated to a makeshift smoking area... a patch of sidewalk at the entrance of the upper east side bistro.

“I forgot,” Sunny’s words contrite but her look one of playful mischief.

The maitre d’ wordlessly removes the soiled dish and snaps his fingers to a busboy.

The momentary event is telling... Sunny having this inclination to challenge rules and authority and yet to so quickly and easily capitulate.

“I have read of arroycoo. Some tribal ritual involving the suspension of the body,” I cautiously reply as the busboy places a clean bread dish before her.

I demure in saying more. As a medical professional my penchants must be kept quiet lest I endanger my license to practice. Though I am in research and do not treat patients, conventional wisdom suggests I not imperil potential return on my investment, the many hours and tedious study, which anointed me with advanced degrees. Sunny Sudenskaya came to learn of my ‘hobby’ and enticed me into this off hours meeting. Just a little talk at a quiet restaurant long before the dinner crowd, so she said.

I could not resist her charms.

Sunny smiles. So cute, so disarming when juxtaposing the subject matter with a girl who could pass for being pre pubescent.

Sunny reaches into her purse and removes pictures torn from some magazine.

“Your reputation in the community precedes you doctor. I would think you’d have more interest in something like this.”

She pushes the packet my way. I glance through a couple and immediately push the remainder back toward her.

“Someone has been telling stories out of school,” my tone one of rebuke.

Though in being torn from some mainstream nature publication, possibly as mundane as National Geographic, the pictures bring concern. Even with the bistro being void of customers, I dare not broach more of the matter in which Sunny attempts to immerse me.

“I think you can do something like that. Tribes have been safely engaging in it for years. Certainly modern science and medicine can do the same... perhaps more easily and quickly,” her tone of voice shifting to alluringly beseech.

Yes, she verbally challenges then coquettishly concedes. She is a minx. And as much as she is aware of my ‘reputation’ in the community, her own precedes as well. In fact, as she entices, her posture shifts, her shoulders roll back in retreat to exhibit evidence of sizable mammary glands... exceeding expectations for a girl aptly described as svelte.

She performs a tease. When she licks her lips, I understand with clarity her intent. I am being seduced.

But in the ‘community’, as she references my occasional weekend recreation, seduction has twists.

Sunny Sudenskaya is a masochist. And sometimes, as the old adage goes, when a masochist begs to be flogged, the role of the true sadist is best fulfilled by saying ‘no’.

So I shake my head, acknowledging her message and communicating my reply. She sulks then leans forward, finally aware of my concern for discretion despite the limited presence of others.

“I will fellate you. Yours to command,” she whispers in a sultry voice.

I smile. Though a medical professional should be more insouciant, the thought of warm, smooth and wet feminine skin engulfing that which brings the ultimate masculine pleasure can bring enthusiastic visions. I begin to understand that Sunny Sudenskaya is in earnest. I sit back in contemplation, more fully focusing on the emptiness of the restaurant and becoming more comfortable.

“You have family, Sunny?”

She shakes her head.

“Distant cousins in Bulgaria. I would not recognize them if we shared a cab.”

My question spurs more discussion. This could work. I have an old friend who enjoys ‘adopting’ miscreant young girls.

“No one would know,” she emphasizes. “I could work during the day. Nights I would be yours.”

She has me thinking and she knows it, letting my imagination percolate. Many factors rush through my mind. Career, social life... both vanilla and in the community..., my ‘hobby’. Finally the time required, procuring supplies and the apparatus necessary for arroycoo.

Sunny seems to read my thoughts.

“I have a loft. Not quite Nolita. The building has not been fully gentrified. It’s quiet... but large.”

Sunny references the latest New York apartment phenomenon... the transition of what was once one of the seediest areas of Manhattan... north of little Italy (Nolita)... where only the specters of Bowery bums remain. Now quite the trendy area, she is merely nearby, I am sure the modesty of her digs mandated by limited income.

“It will be painful. I will not administer anesthetic,” I forewarn.

She nods, her ostensible reluctance mixed with that peculiar inward frisson when a masochist encounters the eventuality of pain... the body’s need to avoid... the mind challenging it to endure.

“And expensive, Sunny. You’ll offer more than fellatio. But you will enjoy it.”

She beams, but then feigns concern... playing the role of Scarlet O’Hara... imagining what a manly brute would force from her helpless form. I know that vulnerability excites... as does the unknown. Yes... a minx... and one whose proclivity so nicely complements mine.

“I will need some time... for equipment,” I conclude.

Sunny happily blushes as I reach forth and gather the packet of pictures.

“And you will need to practice... opening a zipper... with your lips and teeth.”


Medical research can sometimes be compared to flying a commercial aircraft... many hours of boredom punctuated by moments of frazzling activity... such as when the weather closes in... or in the lab when many weeks of testing conclude and there is hurried need to statistically analyze and evaluate. Most times I wait, reviewing interim reports which need to be monitored for gross malfunction, experiments going bad. But otherwise letting the passage of time bring results.

So the boredom often brings thoughts of Sunny Sudenskaya and her proposal. Short hair, boyish good looks, appropriately attired she could pass for an alter boy. Yet I recall the shoulder movement, intended to project those glands and attract, which they did. She is alluring, a temptress. And in knowing my ‘hobby’ she tempts most seductively. The deep guttural voice, accented, is provocative on a dark haired girl of some one hundred pounds. She is not to be forgotten.

In my field of medical devices, I have access to a sophisticated metal working shop. We make artificial joints... mainly knees and hips. We even do knuckles. Each of those is custom made... the high expense reserved for the occasional professional who too early in life has lost the use of a finger through arthritis or injury.

So making implements for Sunny’s desired arroycoo is easy. I am known to work late in the lab. And the scrap pile of nickel cobalt yields dozens of small bits which will not be missed. Shaping such to my needs and polishing to fine smoothness takes time, but as I picture such adorning the lithe form of Sunny, the time goes quickly. The alloy is readily accepted by the human body. And is strong.

Research on the internet brings some ideas. Gadgets for introducing grommets to clothing, leather and canvas attract my attention. With a masters degree in mechanical engineering, it appears to me that one such apparatus, used in sail making, can be purchased and modified. Sunny’s flesh will more easily yield than the coarse and rugged textiles used on large yachts. But I have plans for the temptress which will take her far beyond her current limits and what she envisions.

In nearing readiness, I call a plumbing supply store. Having sketched what I need, I list the number of feet of pipe along with numerous fittings. It is an easy matter to fax the order and have all delivered to Sunny’s loft.


Weeks later we meet again. Same restaurant near me. Same time, late afternoon. The maitre d’ glances at Sunny with concern. She offers no concession that she will not light up again. Always challenging.

“Some men arrived. Brought in lots of metal,” Sunny exclaims as we are shown to a table. “Am I expecting a plumbing problem?”

A girlish giggle disguises a tinge of concern. My planned frame is now just a pile of pipes which Sunny obviously cannot mentally transform to usefulness.

“You will see in time,” I vaguely reply.

We sit. She brazenly orders wine, knowing she is not old enough to drink. Knowing once again to challenge the rules. I am going to have fun taming her.

I come to the point as our drink order is completed and the waiter leaves us alone.

“Before we begin, taking you down a road from which you will not return, I want to show you this.”

I retrieve from my jacket pocket what appears to be a staple gun. Modified after many hours of toil I load it with a finely crafted lump of nickel cobalt and thread my napkin between two jutting prongs. With a forceful press there comes a click, a notable snap and the prongs pinch the cloth.


I toss the napkin to Sunny. Embedded in the corner is a newly made small hole bordered by a circle of metal of one centimeter.

“In one motion it penetrates, pushes aside the cloth to widen the opening and rolls the bordering metal to seal with permanency. A grommet... but penetrating quite formidably.”

An amazed Sunny toys with her fingers. The dull metal is securely attached.

“I’d show you again but the nickel cobalt is rather expensive.”

“The metal is hard, yes?” her excitement exposing her normally cloaked accent.

“Extremely,” I advise as her fingers toy, amazed with the smoothness of the finished opening.

While she busies herself I find a clasp in my pocket, reach forth and clip it through the hole. With zeal, Sunny reaches to grasp the clasp and dangles the napkin over the table. She giggles.

“This can be... me?” she utters in a combination of apprehension and odd joy.

The waiter approaches and the napkin is lowered, even Sunny having some sense of decorum. We are silent as the drinks are poured. Chardonnay for her. A cold brew for me.

“Yes, it will be you. Consider carefully. I have made many grommets... and of various sizes.”

Sunny’s eyes glaze over, obviously fantasizing some sadomasochistic scene. Her hand goes to the napkin to inspect again, pulling the clasp to ensure permanency. She seems to shiver as the well embedded grommet withstands her testing stress. My hand goes to her wine.

“You’re not twenty one,” I admonish. “You’re going to learn to be a good girl.”

She lugubriously pouts as I slide away her glass.


By design, I have Sunny drink water and deny her substantial food... a light salad. She has consented to be modified. And in having spent many hours redesigning the grommet contraption and stealthily working in the lab’s metal shop, my enthusiasm grows. Plus there is Sunny, such ostensible innocence tinged with immoral thought. So girlishly innocent... yet so wicked.

“I want to see your loft,” I summarily announce in paying the check.

“We will need to the take the Lex to the BMT,” Sunny delighted to display her knowledge of New York’s subway system.

“A cab will do. I will pay.”

We depart. As I follow her to the exit, Sunny does not see me reload my grommet device. There will be no changing of minds. Not hers... and certainly not mine.

“How do you handle pain?” I casually inquire while awaiting a cab.

She smiles, looking away in shyness.

“Pain is something created by the mind... and therefore something the mind needs to overcome.”

Among my weekend adventurers, those trusted few with whom I share my hobby, Sunny has a reputation for endurance. I have not ‘scened’ with her, but she has been known to withstand lengthy floggings at the all too public S&M clubs, places which I avoid.

I contemplate her succinct reply... flippant reply?.. as a cab pulls up and a couple exits to enter the restaurant. We commandeer and Sunny slides in behind the driver. She offers the address, Ludlow Street, a part of Manhattan I have never before reconnoitered.

“I will go slowly with you Sunny. But I reiterate, there will be no going back. I’m not really sure how this can be reversed. You saw the napkin. My contraption is frightfully efficient. Rather reminds me of firing a gun, such devastating results from the simple pull of a trigger.”

Sunny nods in thought. There is no hint of reservation. It appears that she is indeed thinking of the napkin and the relative permanence of the embedded circle of nickel cobalt. To remove it one would need to shred the cloth.

“It is quick, this ‘gun’ of yours?”

“You saw how quick.”

“I prefer something slower. Something which challenges... suffering which one endures to overcome... if one can.”

“That will come as well. You shall endure both.”

In turning onto First Avenue, the cab picks up pace. I note that the driver cannot see Sunny in the rear view mirror. And in approaching wave after wave of traffic lights, he only has opportunity to glance back on occasion. I remove my contraption and again show it to Sunny.

“Quick. Painful. Permanent. And I shall enjoy using it on you Sunny. Probably as effective as a brand or tattoo.”

She shudders. Yes the brisance of the masochist. The delightful mental conflict which the curious proclivity brings.

“Will I bleed?”

“About as much as you would in receiving a hypodermic injection. The device creates an initial pinprick which I have designed to instantly widen to accommodate the circle of metal... which with equal quickness folds at the perimeter to form the smooth opening you examined... and make it unremovable.”


“Any place I decide. That is for me to control... not you.”

She nods. There is fear... but there is enjoyment. Her eyes glaze in thought.

“Ready to begin your journey, Sunny?”

She nods. There is reluctance but acceptance... the masochist long ago having surrendered herself to life as a pin cushion.

I lean. My left hand reaches to the back of her neck. I note that my curiosity is indulged in that I can indeed grasp enough hair to guide her head. In one smooth and continuous motion I tilt back her head, my right hand lifts the contraption.

“Steady now, Sunny. Bear a little pain for me. Be a good girl for Dr. Samuels.”

As I slip the prongs up her nostrils, I am reminded of my years as an intern, offering the myriad of injections to frightened children. I press, pulling the trigger on my peculiar gun. It clicks. It snaps. There comes the stifled shriek of a little girl. I quickly withdraw. A handkerchief is offered. There are more tears than blood. As described the opening is small. Plus I have pierced the cartilage of her septum well up her nostrils where there is limited circulation.

I have grommeted the interior of Sunny’s nose. Not detectable to the unwary. But I cannot dismiss Sunny with a mere puncture... a little hole between her nostrils. No I have in my pocket a little clasp with a slim connecting cord. And as she dabs away her tears... not a word of protest I note... my hand returns to thrust the open clasp up her left nostril, thread it through her new grommet and hook it down her right nostril where it clicks shut.

“Feel better Sunny? A girl like you pines for control. And you shall have it.”

A little tug on the cord demonstrates. The tension cannot be resisted. That pretty little head moves about in response as I toy. And Sunny stares into my eyes in wonderment. Yes, sometimes the role of the sadist is fulfilled by saying ‘no’. But other times it is more fun to offer an emphatic ‘Yes’.

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