Saturday, January 25, 2020

'Submitting to Miss Jade', Segment Four

Justine Powell

Such a wounded psyche! Weighty glands that some women endure surgery to possess and my maid Michael desires more.

She shall have them, my curiosity piqued as to whether she will ever decide to stop taking the pills.

I lead from the kitchen, looking back to see Michael follow. I smile in seeing his hands go to his head and he walks on toes as instructed. Such obedience to feminine authority.

Up the stairs I point out the master bedroom, Jade’s room, bathrooms, finally going to a spare bedroom which I have altered for entertaining my boy toys... perhaps better described as where they entertain me.

I unlock, keeping the room off limits to my teenaged daughter. With her eighteenth birthday last week, that will change.

“This is your room, Michael. This is where I will fuck you,” pushing open the door.

I step in, Michael follows. There is no bed of course... instead, various specially shaped pieces of furniture on which I position a girly boy. He/she can stand spreading and bending over a waist high padded bar, kneel on all fours, tummy down on a low bench, or I can place my toy in suspension, helplessly dangling from an elaborate set of thick padded straps attached to sturdy ceiling hooks.  

I step to Michael’s side, letting her assess in silence for a moment, noting the look of wonderment. There is fear... but also intrigue. Is he envisioning herself in full suspension? Entire body accessible to a woman’s whim? He notes the many mirrors, realizing that my toys can watch me penetrate them from a variety of angles. Does such excite him?

I then move to a chest of drawers. In opening, I lower my arm, my open hand presenting... voila!

“Lots of shapes and sizes, Michael. Eventually you’ll want to be able to take the largest. I will help you get there.”

Yes, an array of rubber phalli, colorful in pink, powder blue, red, black. Some to be pressed through a strap on harness, most are double with the upturned female end, specially molded at great expense for my quim... all my special spots.

She steps forth. I note she quivers. In excited anticipation? In apprehension? I must suppose the answer matters not.

“When you require my attention, you will make a selection and bring it to me. For now, only when Jade is asleep or out of the house. She has been unaware of my recreational pursuits... in the past. In coming of age, that will probably be changing. Meanwhile we’ll have a code. These will be rubber screwdrivers. I’ll tell you to fetch a rubber screwdriver. Or you’ll tell me you need a rubber screwdriver.” 

Michael nods but continues to gape. I detect a gulp. Finally comes the logical question.

“And your husband?”

“As I said, we’re open. If your question is whether he ever entertains me here, the answer is no. If your question is whether or not his aware... of course he is. This one is a birthday gift,” my hand going to one of the largest in the drawer. “From him. Not sure how he sat and had the mold made... probably some hooker sucking on his balls until the plaster dried.”

Michael peers, eyes widening.

“It’s... it’s...”

“Yes, a replica of his erection. Big black cock, Michael. And girly boys like you adore and envy I know.”

I replace and shut the drawer. There will be plenty of time for her to apprize the collection.

“You will use this bathroom,” strolling to a door. “Under the sink you’ll will find the stuff needed to keep your colon empty, your rectum clean, and your cleft well lubricated for me... at all times, Michael. As I said, I can be quite capricious in taking you. It may be best to have towels about the house. I’ll not want you staining the carpeting or furniture.”

We turn and I lead him to a far wall.

“This is where you will be punished... for more serious infractions.”

Hanging from formidable chains, strung wide to the left and right, is a thick high neck collar. It’s at waist height, the bearer able to sit upright. But the tautness does not permit full standing and certainly to never lie down in rest.

“Recalcitrance will earn you much time here, Michael. Slow unending stress... it’s best for bad little girls. Lots of time to think over your behavior. I’ll have you squatting upright for days if necessary. Sometimes lessons are best learned slowly.”

With that I go to a cabinet stuffed with supplies... towels, collection vessels, restraints... opening the doors wide.

“You’ll note no whips, canes, crops. The only instruments of correction you’ll recognize are...”

I hold up a clothes pin, one of dozens.

“For quick punishment... simple infractions... like failing to politely address as Miss Justine... or Miss Jade. Do try to avoid. For I’ll be teaching Jade how to apply... inducing the most pain with the least effort. She’ll be modifying your behavior as well.”

I take half a dozen, demonstrably clipping to the folds at the front of my blouse, showing that such will always be at the ready. So much input for my new maid. And in bearing the nasty clothes pins at the Institute, I am sure he is vicariously sensing the agony, envisioning a clipped hypersensitive nipple.

“You said this is my room, Miss Justine. Yet there’s no bed.”

“You’ll sleep with me... in my bed when Jim is not here. When he returns at season’s end... well... he will decide where. He’s the alpha male, Michael. He’s knows of you... but not all. I suspect he will need to acclimate to your... ah... skills.”

I exit the sodomy room, leading to the master bedroom.

“I had to tell Jade that I might be getting a pet,” I offer as a preamble in pushing open my bedroom door.  

There, opposite the oversized four poster double bed, is a stainless steel cage, bars of substance able to imprison a beast of size and strength. I stroll to it, patting my hand on the top.

“For when I tire of you, Michael.”   

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