Saturday, December 31, 2016

Serving the Queen II

Exiting the expensive restaurant, dinner ordered as takeout, Audrey Timmons cloaks her reaction of awe as Richard leads to a gleaming black Bentley.

“What, no Rolls Richard?”

“It’s... ah... at the summer house.”

Audrey nods slipping into the back seat, gladdened to see the opulent rear compartment partitioned from the driver. Her tour of nursing for the Queen known to very few, she seeks discretion yet knows that Richard, though shy, will wish to continue the conversation. Having directed the exchange at the restaurant bar, she resumes.

“What do you expect of me... besides dinner Richard? Should I have concerns... now that you’re clothed, able to move about without direction?”

“I suppose I’m seeking understanding. The ordeal was... well you were there.”

“I was.”

“Spending years in an underdeveloped oil rich African country. Why?”

“Money for one. The Queen pays well, quite generous. Plus the change of pace. Nursing can be tiresome... regular nursing. And the scenery was... invigorating. The weather is sunny yet tepid... though I suppose you were not able to enjoy.”

“There were occasions when I... ah... served... outdoors.”

“Yes, of course. The Queen does enjoy exhibiting her... her playthings. I recall now there was an occasional sunburn on some of the boys. You blond boys all have such fair skin.”

“Boys? There were others?”

“Of course. How often were you caned?”

“If I counted the days correctly, about once per week.”

“So who else do you presume entertained the Queen? You don’t think her misandry would be satiated solely on your buttocks, do you Richard? Yes, there were others. Taking care of all of you occupied much time.”

Audrey Timmons pauses, expecting not a reply, instead letting the revelation broil. Silence ensues as Richard presses open a compartment at the back of the driver’s seat. Retrieving a slim cord, Audrey is first surprised then smiles knowingly, taking the offered length with a warming snicker.

“It can’t be the same one. But it will suffice,” smoothing her fingers over the small snap hook at the end. “Used often Richard? And who’s been at the controlling end?” unraveling to teasingly dangle the length.    

“It’s... well... it’s a memento... kept in my... well... ah... special place.”

Richard pauses, struggling to find the words. Despite the dimness of the limousine’s interior, Audrey detects blushing.

“I’m sure you’ll be showing me where,” gesturing for him to lean and lower his head.

The hand of Nurse Audrey Timmons is quick, her fingers dextrous. Once again going to the nose of multi millionaire Richard Lundquist. In one effortless motion the snap hook is opened, the prongs entering the nostrils left and right. Then it instantly clicks to close within the stainless steel grommet cruelly inserted into the cartilage of the septum.  

Richard softly grunts... the hushed reaction telling. Audrey is sanguine in noting no resistance. Even when she slowly pulls left then right, the obedience is revealing. Despite the tension on a myriad of nerves, head and face follow her motion with precision and without protest.

“The training doesn’t dissipate does it? Your needs ingrained. You’ve missed me... missed a woman’s directing hand,” Audrey muses.

Richard merely nods, returning to the regimen of silence mandated during his servitude at the palace.

“Anyone in your penthouse? Servants?”

“No Ma’am.”  

“Excellent. When we arrive at your building, I’ll walk you with my hand on your shoulder. In the darkness your leash probably won’t be noticed... not that such matters to you.”

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