Saturday, January 7, 2017

Serving the Queen III


Nurse Audrey Timmons twirls her finger in the air then stands arms akimbo, her look transforming to one of authority. She has tied the nostril leash to a sconce on the wall of the entrance hall. Though loose, Richard knows to be cautious, the slightest motion bringing agonizing tension, the many nerves of the nose sending an explosion of pain signals to the cerebral cortex.

“I barely recognized you with clothing Richard,” Audrey quips as Richard carefully disrobes. “And boys like you are more comfortable naked... when in the presence of a woman in charge.”

In silence, shoes, slacks, and shirt are tossed to a settee.

“Everything, Richard. I’ve not only seen everything you have, I’ve never before seen you covered.”

Bashfully, Richard slips down his undergarments then steps out, kicking to the settee, the woman in white uniform smiling as male hands go obeisantly to the top of the head.

“Oh so nice, Richard. Completely hairless. And without those unsightly male tidbits.”

Nurse Audrey steps forth hands lowering. The left palms the penis tip and lifts, the right slips between the thighs. She smiles anew in noting that the feet obediently part, allowing better access... seeming to invite inspection.

“So smooth. The elastrator does a fine job, does it not Richard?” the fingers caressing from the anus to the base of the male organ. “You’d never know proud male bits once hung here. You must shave diligently.”

“Laser removal, Miss Audrey.”

“Yes expensive but in the end saves time... and offers such a vulnerable look. No way to hide your humble state... leaves no doubt that you’ve been snipped.”

“Will you... will you bathe me... like... at the palace.”

“I was employed there Richard. Did that for a living... a good living. Tending to my naked blond haired boys. Did you have an arrangement in mind... or just a short visit?” 

Richard smiles wanly. Audrey quickly becomes aware, in searching her out, contacting her, meeting her, there is more needed than the ‘talk’ requested in the email. Yes there is a bond... more than maternal... more than that of child to a tending mother. The ball-less Richard Lundquist desires to dote over she who transformed his life... quickly but cruelly... the pain sharp but momentary... the results to be forever reflected... and displayed to lovers, if any, and to the woman in charge.

“You said you had a place for your memento... your leash,” Audrey stepping back and reaching to the sconce.

Years of experience, fully aware of the potential for intense pain, Nurse Audrey takes in the slack, bringing a wince... leaving no doubt of her authority.

“Which way, Richard... to your special place?”

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