Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Lady Z writes

Found this note from Lady Z. Not for the squeamish male, but you governing women may give consideration.


My thoughtful chastity protocol

After years of numerous chastity regimens, I have implemented what I consider the ultimate form of male denial and feminine delight.

Former regimens and drawbacks...

The honor system. Works for a while, but let’s be forthright... all males cheat. All it takes is a late night out with the girls (or your bullstud) and your subordinate male will find porn and masturbate. He’ll tell you otherwise, never fess up unless placed under duress... but they all do it at some point.

Chastity devices. The complaining and at times outright begging is distracting. Getting the right fit, assuring no rubbing or chafing, keeping the thing clean, removing for shaving, the burden of unlocking (and relocking) when penetrative sex is desired... all becomes tiresome. It’s like having a toddler in constant need of a diaper change... except the chaste male never grows up.

Piercings. Effective but over time there is migration, the onus of removal for intercourse, not to mention the possibility of infection.

Castration. Effective, but I enjoy vaginal penetration from time to time... when I want...not when he pleads. Neutering brings waning desire, over time requiring growing effort to bring erection. Plus the penis shrivels. Fun to observe the male horror, and to press home the realization, but again, if you enjoy occasional penetration as do I, you’re working against yourself.

So, I will explain my protocol then detail the variety of benefits.

The male receives some 80% of his sexual pleasure from kneading and caressing a small patch of skin on the underside of his penis tip (such biological limitations!). It’s surprising but true. So to focus there is efficient. And I do.

My regimen requires tight bindings (Posey cuffs are safe, comfortable, quick and quite thorough), some tools and great feminine resolve, but you can both physically and psychologically transform the male by desensitizing that tiny patch... in most males no larger than a square inch. Amazing to think about... all that brawn... all that muscle... yet thoughts, desires, even the manner in which he thinks of you and about you, can be modified... relatively quickly... and permanently... by directing a few minutes of attention there.

So he’s bound naked and supine. You’ll need to heat metal. Perhaps this can be done in the kitchen... him on the table you at the stove. Or a propane torch is easily procured at any hardware store (Benzomatic torch kit, $16.97 at Home Depot) and the basement utilized. (I have a 4 x 8 sheet of thick plywood propped on work benches, eye hooks in each corner for wrist and ankle cuffs).

The metal can be the object of your choice, held with pliers as you heat it to glowing hotness. And while you’re preparing, words of advice can be offered, a lesson taught, a message delivered. Bad behavior is addressed. Your superiority bolstered, naughty boys get punished, naughty thoughts purged.

Take your time, there is no rush.

And while he begs, perhaps sip some wine, chilled glass in free hand. Remember it’s important to display insouciance. It may be a most significant erogenous zone to him, but it’s just a little piece of skin to you. Plus, think of the branding of cattle and other livestock. The irons are larger, the results more prominent and all survive in good health. (Keep in mind the average steer is worth some $2,000. No rancher wants to cause harm.)

Then yes, apply the heated metal. As with branding a count assures desired results. I recommend going to five... slowly.

There will come screaming, pleading... the rushes of air will impress... so be prepared for noise. It’s a nuisance, but gagging can impede breathing. He’ll need that.

So what does this do?

1. For the next week, possibly longer, he’ll not give masturbation a thought, the healing wound not touchable. And orally pleasing you will become a vicarious sexual outlet.

2. When healed, the sensitivity will be greatly diminished... if any remains. Attempts at cheating may occur, but with limited pleasure he’ll soon tire of stroking himself. Plus with every futile stroke, he’ll think of you... pliers in one hand, wine glass in the other.

3. There will be scarring. Hopefully a nice lump of keloided flesh will form. And when you’re ready for the vaginal penetration every woman needs from time to time, the sensation will be wondrous. Yes, as opposed to castration, the hormones will remaining flowing, he’ll want to achieve an erection, he’ll be able to achieve an erection, but it will be for you... not for him. And if there has been a problem with premature ejaculation... voila... it’s cured. For with the diminished sensitivity, much more friction... deep and continuous... will be required for ejaculation... should you choose to allow it. (Yes, after orgasming several times, I’m given to roll off and mount his face while his system frustratingly lingers in la la land).

4. Psychologically, in displaying the resolve to alter and rearrange things down there, there will come new found awe and respect. A ‘How could you do that to me?’ type of reaction. His penis will become objectified as over time he understands it is more for your pleasure than his. Mentally the organ will be thought of as something you can mold at your whim.

Some tips...

Anesthetic? I don’t bother. The notion of feminine awe is better transmitted without it, the pain better remembered. But I suppose in a moment of mercy (weakness?) ice or some type of topical numbing agent could be applied.

Instead I use vaseline. It sizzles and heats with the application of searing metal, better spreads the pain and thereafter offers salve without having to touch the raw skin.

The heated implement I recommend, for ease, is an alligator clip. Apply it, release the pliers and step away to let it cool on its own... no counting required. I simply finish my wine and watch the agonizing thrashing and squirming.

There may be, and I recommend such, repeated applications. After desensitizing the underside of the tip, further sessions can offer more keloided penile flesh. Think of yourself as a sculptress. Reshape the entire shaft! Think of the ridges and bumps on your favorite sex toy. Think of shaping your penis (not his) as you would most enjoy feeling it.     

Another benefit, on those business trips, where you’re not there to monitor and supervise his behavior, he’ll have an interestingly awkward time picking up some bimbo and explaining the condition of your penis. ‘No, it’s not a’s been...’ Well, just how will he explain it? 

Care must be taken to avoid the urethral opening. Obviously cauterizing the skin there will cause urinary problems.

And if you take a liking to the process, consider outright branding. The trollop he engages will find amusement in discovering your initials permanently engraved on some intimate part of his anatomy.

Remember ladies, propane is cheap.

Lady Z


Miss D said...

I enjoy your writing, and look forward to the next book.

Chris Bellows said...

Thank you Miss D.

Will be finishing up a few stories over the next few weeks


Misstress said...

I enjoy your books as well. I have several of your books and plan on purchasing a few more. I love the Dominant role. I live it.

Misstress said...

I believe,you write very well. Thank-you for the quick response.

Chris Bellows said...


Thank you for reading. Thank you for commenting.

It has always perplexed me that I get so few comments compared to other blogs I scan from time to time.

Begs the question in my mind... do I write that well... or that poorly?

Guess I'll never know.




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