Monday, May 5, 2014

Reading things that set aghast

I am reminded of an old joke whenever someone fervently reports reading D/s stories that appall...

An elderly little ‘blue haired’ woman calls the police department and reports sighting naked men.

‘Ma’am, where are you located?’ the desk officer inquires.

‘Well, I am staying at the Davenport Hotel, room 355.’

‘Ma’am, that’s the YMCA locker room across the street from you. You’re looking into the shower room. I suggest you just close the blinds.’ 

The woman agrees, hangs up but then calls back thirty minutes later, again reporting naked men.

‘Ma’am, did you close your blinds?’ the desk officer inquires.

‘Yes, I closed the blinds. But if I stand on a chair on my toes I can peek over the top and they’re still running about naked.’

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Anonymous said...

I read most of your writings you have posted in your blog and all your books.
I have vast amounts of smut literature on my hard disc but I never found anything which was on par with your writings quality wise.
Your stories, though sometimes anticlimatic, were always enjoyable and never bored me like most of the other Femdom smut does. The wicked creativity of your stories is unique and there are quite a few scenes which I have re-read maybe a dozen times because they were so incredibly intense (For example the last chapter of "The male concubine").

You, as an author, are taking sadomasochism seriously, and there are few authors who do this. Serious stories about sadomasochism (and I use the term sadomasochism in a clinical and not in a lifestyle sense) can never involve consenting characters - true exchange of power instead of cheesy SM-games which are played in most Femdom novels.

I even have the feeling your most recent stories are much tamer than many of your older ones...much Femsub and ponyplay stuff...which I find meehhh.

I really loved those stories of yours which involved male criminals (especially sex offenders), female wardens and psychologists, where the power exchange was institutionalized and not only a private thing between man and woman...more stories like "Feminizing the belligerent males" or "Laura Davidson" please.

Let those naggers read their consensual, romantic, loving femdom bullshit and go hardcore...write stories for the gimps amongst us.