Saturday, May 24, 2014

A Woman in Control - My good organizer IX

My good organizer IX

The boy dog gave rise to thought. Virile, permitted to remain intact, the burden of relieving his loins resting with Nurse Benson... and an electrical device. I cannot help thinking of the long, broad prodigious tongue which lapped away at my shoes. It is apparent why the pup is locked up. His penis, no matter the size and prowess, is superfluous compared to the prowess that tongue can offer.

So Jack begins his treatment. A daily pill which I supervise. A weekly visit to Dr. Helmstadt’s clinic for electroejaculation and a massive injection of cyproterone acetate.

With each visit the offered semen sample is evaluated and I am pleased the sperm count is plunging... and the testosterone level.

His penis is measured and sure enough it shrinks... slowly... but quite steadily. Meanwhile I have concerns. The notion that Jack may still play... down there... disturbs. Though ineffective, such untoward conduct would distract... from thinking about me... and serving me. Dr Helmstadt referenced the phenomenon... ‘taking the hunt out of the dog’ she termed it. 

During a week three visit, I address.

“That dog, owned by the middle aged woman. He worn a chastity device,” I prompt.

“Really more than that. It’s electrified. You know there are now electrified dog collars, mandating the family pouch stay within a specified area? Well we’ve adapted it for the male... with some added features. You saw the waist band... that is the battery pack and receiving antenna.”

My curiosity is piqued.

“Should Jack have one?”

“Probably. You’ll be more comfortable when he’s not in your company. The system comes with a remote control box. He’ll stay within a confined area until you press a button and temporarily turn off the shock unit. And that can be done remotely. You can also punish at your whim, applying the voltage of your choice to penis and testicles, and do so from afar.”     


“We can get it on the health insurance. We term it ‘behavior modification’.”

Clever stuff.

“With Jack’s small scrotum... and getting smaller... I recommend a slight modification from the standard unit. As you probably noted, the shock unit is anchored so to speak by a thickly gauged ring encircling the testicles.”

Dr. Helmstadt opens a cabinet, on display is an array of stainless steel gadgets. She extracts one and I note it is comprised of two parts, one with wires.

“These are the penis and scrotum rings,” she points to two rings attached to form a figure eight, a small ring atop a larger ring. ‘The small ring encircles the penis, the larger ring the scrotum. It must do so tightly, so the fit is precise. And you’d be amazed at the effort we expend in getting it in place... rather uncomfortable... but male comfort is not of much concern here.”

She next shows me a tube. 

“This is the so termed ‘cock cage’ which fits onto the control rings and locks in place, making the penis, particularly the sensitive underside of the tip, inaccessible. As you can see the interior diameter of the cock cage can be adorned with all types of nasty spikes... long and short... dull and sharp... depending on the degree of behavior to be modified. Any recalcitrance and Nurse Benson attaches within the cage the next level of spikes... to the point that the lightest degree of tumescence will bring instant agony. 

“Cruel but often necessary, I’m afraid. The male libido can be formidable. We must help the male overcome it.  

“And you see the wires, such connect to the waist belt. And it’s alarmed. Disconnect the wires and a signal is sent to the control box.”

As I stare in wonderment I believe my quim begins to moisten. Jack can work... labor in office or his kitchen... and I can be assured of where he is and that his rapidly depleting maleness is not a distraction. Plus with a press of a button I can zing him... a little reminder that he is under a woman’s control. It is best for him.

“What is the appropriate modification for Jack?”

“With his withering testicles, the control ring will fall off. So I recommend piercing him.”

Dr. Helmstadt holds up a three inch long slim shard of steel, demonstrating by pressing it to the larger testicle ring.

“We’ll merely solder this spike to the top and bottom of the testicle ring... of course I need to thrust through his ball sac first...”
Such insouciance... such callousness... spiking a boy’s balls.

“Will it hurt?”

“Of course. But it will also assist in transmitting the electrical shocks. Such will not be transcutaneous... instead jolting right into his precious little nuts,” the words humorously unprofessional.

“I also recommend a Prince’s Wand insertion. Again, better transmission of the current... and neater for long term bondage... which I believe you said Jack relishes. Effectively he will be partially catheterized. With draining tube attached you will have no more sloppy wet beds...”

I nod. I do plan long romantic evenings and prefer to know Jack is adequately restrained, not soiling anything while I enjoy the company of a lover... a virile lover.

“Do it,” come my final words.

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