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A Woman In Control - My good organizer VII

My good organizer VII

Jack had a long weekend... at least a long Saturday night and Sunday.

Yes I kept him strapped down until Sunday night, his bondage thorough and unending. I spoon fed him, slept on his couch, checked on him every few hours. He began to hallucinate, delirium being common. And of course the psychological torment of urinating for me in a bowl, me handling his tiny thing, was exquisite.

A woman controlling a most basic male function!

Yes, I could attain lots of pleasure from the likes of Jack... and I did... thereafter every weekend.

Some subsequent events, noteworthy over and above the humdrum of endless weekend naked bondage. 

One. Yes, the maid uniform was procured. I had Jack make it more skimpy and tight. It was not to be worn for me. I liked Jack’s cooking and intended to show him off from time to time.

Two. I had Jack purchase and install an infrared video camera on the bedroom ceiling, wired to the television in the livingroom. I could survey a silhouette of his naked form while he wiled away the many hours, not interrupting his bondage session by opening the door, thus adding to the lengthy intervals of solitary immobility.

Three. Yes, by month’s end he had his ‘check up’ with Dr. Rebecca Helmstadt, a sexologist, with a medical degree, whom I knew by reputation while studying at Vassar.

A delightful woman with admirable disdain for the male gender, I called to make an appointment, explained Jack, our budding relationship, and focused on the inadequacy of his penis.

“Nothing a firm woman with resolve cannot address,” she offered with a chuckle.

I had the right doctor.

“I would like to be present and observe,” I suggest.

“Of course. Quite humiliating for him... just what he will most enjoy,” seeming to know with great perception of Jack’s ‘special need’.

“Overall, he needs to address his inadequacy,” I add.

“I suggest you do it for him. He expects it... pines for it. He’s been waiting... for you...  for the likes of you... a lifetime of secretive fantasy.”

Yes, I have chosen well.

I inform Jack... command really... and the next day, I depart work slightly early, the 5:00 p.m. appointment for Jack not to be missed. I meet him in the lobby. He is trembling with apprehension.

“Don’t worry I will be there with you.”

“In the examining room? Please no.”

“Everywhere. Jack your shyness is misplaced. We are going to help you. You have special needs which need to be addressed.”

The short cab ride is in silence. Jack thinks of himself as a condemned man.

He is!

We enter the midtown office building, rather old and creepy. The 26th floor proves to be inactive. I am sure the location has been selected intentionally. Upon stepping into the reception area of Dr. Rebecca Helmstadt there hangs a sign... ‘all males disrobe upon entry’.


Jack either does not read the sign or cares not to respond. A cute, very young receptionist stands, addresses only me in requesting that we sign in... then giggles. She looks Jack straight in the eye and taps the sign, her face becoming more and more stern until Jack reacts.

“Jack, it’s your first visit and you’re disobedient.”

“I have a problem. You know that.”

“That is why we’re here... and they deal in such problems all the time. Take off your clothes.”

“Just hang everything there, on that coat rack,” the girl points. “Then we’ll want his hands on his head... like a good boy.”

Oh, I like this.

Jack strips, of course. How could he not? Superficially he is appalled but deep within he’s in his fantasy land. Then he sits and folds his hands atop his head. I cannot help looking at that emaciated male organ. Sure enough it beings to engorge, the embarrassment leading to tumescence which leads to more embarrassment and more tumescence.

Is the office timing deliberate? They let Jack stew just long enough so his tiny pecker stands straight up. It is only then that I am introduced for the first time to Nurse Benson. She steps into the reception area, clipboard in hand and announces with formality... ‘Jack Dumond’.

A sheepish and crimson Jack Dumond speaks not. I reply ‘here’.

“Come this way... hands on head.”

As we walk I note the nurse mandates Jack lead while she follows and gives commands, ‘turn to your left, then right, then enter the next door on your right’. She indoctrinates him, making him respond to simple verbal cues. And in entering an examination room such continue.

“Up on the table big boy. Lie down.”

It is then that Nurse Benson introduces herself and I offer my name as she peers at her clipboard.

“I have Dr. Helmstadt’s notes from your phone conversation. You don’t overstate the situation, Miss Montrove. We see a lot of organs and this one is indeed diminutive.”

For some reason I smile with inner pride with Nurse Benson’s equivalent assessment.

“The doctor will want him completely stiff for her evaluation.”

With that, Nurse Benson snaps on gloves and I am treated. The woman knows the male anatomy, and after many controlling handjobs dispensed in my college years, I watch a professional.

Left hand to Jack’s anus, two fingers thrust inward, lubricated right hand to the penis, she instantly renews whatever stiffness had waned during the brief walk.

“He’s circumcised high and tight. His mother probably requested it to forestall masturbation during the pubescent years, not knowing he’d be left with little to work with in his adult life.” 

Rock hard... but remaining tiny... Nurse Benson eases her ardent efforts... calming her hand to offer ‘maintenance’ strokes. Then she takes measurements... three and one half inches. 

Jack is aghast, lying naked and erect while his precious organ is measured and two women insouciantly converse. I will have to meet Jack’s mother and inquire. There is no doubt she influenced his subordinate psyche. Did it begin with a special request of the pediatrician? One extra twist of the Gomco clamp?

It is then that Dr. Helmstadt steps into the examination room, further heightening Jack’s discomfort. We briefly exchange greetings and the doctor begins, turning her attention to her naked and stiff patient.

“I see you’re enjoying your visit... Mr. Dumond,” pausing to look a Nurse Benson’s clipboard.

The doctor dons gloves and a physical exam ensues. She speaks as if Jack is not in the room... or unconscious... or a muted animal. Yes, she speaks to me.

“Not much to work with, I’m afraid. He’s somewhat virile, but the size inadequacy just leads to frustration... for all,” speaking as untoward attention is paid to the penis and scrotum.

“Underdeveloped testicles. We’ll test but we can assume a low testosterone level... and the limited sperm count that correlates. We see this often... frustration... the desire to please without an iota of ability to offer satiation. Is he orally proficient?”

“I don’t know doctor. He cooks and sews. Nicely neat. Likes to be of service.”  

“Hmmm. Well, Nurse Benson will extract a sperm sample. I am confident it will confirm my assessment. It’s best that with the size issue, tiny balls, the male mind needs... well... to be refocused. It’s good that you have come to see us. He’s otherwise facing a lifetime of disappointment... as will you.”

“I don’t need him for sex doctor. I... I...” my turn to blush. “I rather prefer deep vaginal penetration... when the appropriate occasion arises.”

This seems to offer concern to Jack. He does not realize that over the past month of weekend bondage encounters, I have been dating during the week. Dinner and a good fuck. A girl has to do what a girl has to do.

“And any coupling is under your auspices no doubt.”

I nod... indeed without doubt. I am on top, always.

“Yes, we understand. Nothing to do with love or affection... just an itch that needs to be scratched. We term it having a bullstud... and the likes of this little one can become a very docile cuckold. You did say he can cook and clean?”

“And sew,” I add, rather gushing in learning my needs are understood.

“You have the makings of a wonderful relationship... assuming he wants to cook, clean and sew.”

“Well, I tossed out his pornography. He can better focus now,” bringing the doctor and nurse to smile broadly.

“Perhaps. But a remnant of male drive will also bring reversion. For males, porn is like a narcotic. Getting the hunt out of the dog can be daunting, unless...” pausing in thought.

“Unless there are modifications. Supervised, placed under our care, your Jack can become a model cuckold. It’s almost 100% effective. And we can arrange for health insurance to cover the cost. You have health insurance?”

“I am the plan administrator.”

“Excellent. We’ll take a sperm sample now. But I suggest starting him tonight on cyproterone acetate. The effect is gradual, but you’ll see a degree of immediate change.”

My chemical engineer ward is no longer silent.

“That’s an anti androgen!”

The doctor smiles.

“Tsk, tsk. It’s better they not know. But yes, the chemical will bring life transforming changes.”

She turns to me, not wishing to spend another moment addressing Jack and his concerns.

“He’ll be calmer. His attention will focus as you desire... on pleasing you instead of himself. He will even begin to feel guilty about all the time and money spent on pornography.”

“What is this amazing drug?”

“In proper dosages it blocks the flow of androgens, which stimulates or controls the development and maintenance of male characteristics. Testosterone production, for example... not that there appears to be much... will for the most part cease. This will not only lower the sex drive but terminate what would otherwise be considered normal desire. Over time what is termed the secondary sex characteristics will also deplete.”


“His testicles and his penis, to be blunt.”


The doctor looks at Nurse Benson and the duo smile. 

“Yes, if you can believe that. Plus the breasts... such will plump and the nipples will become puffy. He’ll have a new erogenous zone. It can be quite amusing to observe him discover such.”

“No,” Jack vehemently protests. “It’s chemical castration!”

I join in the smiles. What better fate for an inadequate chemical engineer... to fully understand the slow, irreversible transition and be helpless to prevent it.

“Jack! Such harsh words. We’re trying to help you. Pills or injection?” I inquire.

“Both. It’s best to begin with massive injections then follow with a daily pill to maintain the transformation. He’ll learn to like it. They all do in time... they have no choice but accept it really. And I do suggest you have him hone his oral skills. It will become his only form of sexual expression. Strangely, the need to please will grow... but such changes to a need to please others rather than oneself.” 

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