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The Extraction Nurse

 OK. Something new. Perhaps a little soft. It will run few weeks then, just as with 'Madam, Me & It' I will post a sequel for sale on Smashwords.

If you like this theme, try 'Milking Male Essence' a full length story I wrote a while back for the Erotic Book Network




The Extraction Nurse

Copyright 2012

by Chris Bellows

The First Extraction

“I’m your extraction nurse. You are here to perform for me. And in time I think you’ll learn to enjoy it... just like all my boys.”

The lad blushes, the nurse amused by the pink hue brought by rushing circulation. He lies supine on the special masturbation table. Naked, neck encircled with a rigid yet comfortable foam lined collar, the wrists and biceps are restrained in matching foam lined cuffs. All are secured to the table. From the waist upwards, the youth and the table are one.

“Now, we have rules. Very simple rules. When you are conscious, feel yourself returning to consciousness, that means it is time for your extraction. I’ll want you in what we term the decubitus position, knees to your chest, lifting your feet to the horizontal bar above. You’ll find it quite comfortable to rest your ankles against the bar while I do my thing. No talking. Maintain eye contact with me at all times. That will help us bond. I like bonding with my boys, it is best in obtaining a nice healthy sample.”

The lad nods in bewilderment, indeed maintaining eye contact with the handsome nurse, the bright white uniform contrasting notably with the deep mocha of her face and hands.

“What’s your name. You may speak.”

“Robert, ma’am.”

“Very good Robert. And so polite,” the compliment bringing a meek smile.

“There are two ways I can obtain my extraction, Robert. One is by way of electro ejaculation. It will give me the maximum sample in the shortest amount of time. Yet I do not think you will like having your male tidbits shocked with 40 volts.”

Electrical shock! The nurse notes the lad shudders in concern. He should.

“Fortunately I can also obtain it manually. For that you’ll need to be obedient. So keep that in mind. Disobedient boys get electro ejaculation. Obedient boys, a manual release. But Robert, I always get my sample. That you must understand.”

A hand reaches forth, thumb and forefinger gently tweaking a nipple. It is a gesture of affection but also one of control and governance. Robert is helpless to resist her touch.

“You’ll be well cared for here. You just have to lie and let the nurses take care of you. Most times you’ll not see them. But you’ll know of their attendance. Massage nurse, cleansing nurse, nutrition nurse. Everything your body needs. You just need to ejaculate for me and everything will be fine.”  

The nurse steps away to wheel in place a small cart. Wires and tubing drape from an electrical box on the top surface.

“I will need to begin with electro ejaculation. That will give me a basis for what you can produce and what I’ll need to extract manually. Painful, but it will abet my verbal message... concerning obedience. Now assume the position... decubitus.”

The discomfort of lying completely naked and exposed rises as Robert lifts his legs. As his thighs press his chest and his ankles find the perfectly positioned horizontal bar above, he feels his testicles shift to hang at his crevice. For some reason, his sense of exposure heightened, he feels himself begin to firm. The nurse notices and smiles.

“You all have the same reaction You all so much enjoy showing off for me.”

The nurse steps to the side of the table and Robert is surprised when she presses a lever and the bottom portion, once serving to support thighs, calves and feet, folds downward. There comes another shudder as the vulnerability of his precious gonads becomes evident.

“A very nice set of balls, Robert, though we tend to call them testicles here. But all my boys are well equipped... otherwise they would not be here. Now just relax. Pain is all in the mind. There will be no damage. We tend to pamper well endowed boys here. You’ll soon feel like an Olympic athlete... a star performer... and eager to perform... eager to show off for me.”

The words intend to comfort, but do not. Latex gloves are donned. Robert emits a comical squeak as one hand cups and lifts the weighty scrotal sac and two fingers of the other gruffly penetrate to lubricate his anus. Then a firming penis is capped with a specimen collect vessel. It resembles a condom with a tube at the tip.  

“Nice of you to get hard for me. Speeds thing along,” the nurse quips with a chuckle.

A switch clicks. There comes a hum from the electrical box.

“The male organ erupts in a series of three, Robert. So we replicate that in electro ejaculation. It may seem like I am torturing you, but really it’s what nature dictates in extracting the maximum yield.”

A nurse calloused through the extraction of countless specimens, cloaks her insouciance with a smile as she inserts a sizable probe into a well greased rectum.

“You’re tight. We’ll be changing that.”

The fingers of a deft right hand begin to manipulate the lad’s stiffness. It feels good. Robert is chagrined. It even feels better than when he has toyed there with his own digits. 

“Nice and stiff. My goodness you are a big one,” the stroking marvelously exact, the underside of the penis worked with crisp precision.

“Here we go now,” the words bringing disappointment as the fingers cease.

Though Robert’s humiliation is intense, the physical pleasure cannot be denied. But then he sees the left hand move to the electrical box and press a button. There follows an uncontrollable cry of pain, Robert’s entire body lurches. It feels as if his viscera is instantaneously exploding.

Then comes a pause and the finger presses again. Another cry. Another massive spasm.

The smile of the nurse broadens.

“And just one more.” 

The finger presses again... as promised three jolts. Robert is barely conscious as the nurse reverses the hook up, carefully sliding away the collection vessel and tube, slipping out the probe and stowing the electrical device.

“So Robert, a very nice yield,” the nurse holding up the clear plastic bag of semen. “And that is why you are here. Keep in mind you can be brought to ejaculation electrically any time you wish... and every time you are disobedient.”

The nurse returns to the side of the table and rights the bottom half.

“Legs down,” the words offered as a command... and one quickly obeyed.

“Your nutrition nurse will stop in to insert your feeding tube and induce a nice comfortable stupor, a little nitrous oxide... continuously administered.  The cleansing nurse will shave and diaper you. You will probably not meet your massage nurse. Most times we are going to keep you comatose. Lots of rest... lots of sperm production.”

The nurse snickers noting the return to bewilderment. This ‘Robert’ has no clue concerning his new existence... if sleeping and being masturbated can be so termed. For many years, he’ll be doing nothing else.   

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Anonymous said...

Very good story with great objectification of the male reduced to a sperm machine.