Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Extraction Nurse III

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The Cleansing Nurse

Robert stirs. How long has he been asleep? He knows not.

Eyes focus on a pretty young nurse. She stoops about his midsection, fingers working at a loincloth encircling his waist.

“Oh. You’ve come to a little early. I’ll put that in the chart. Everyone reacts a little different when the nitrous oxide is turned off and we switch to oxygen.”

Nimble fingers continue to labor as the nurse speaks. Within a moment the thick, soft white expanse of cloth is slipped from under Robert’s supine form. It is soiled. It smells. It is a diaper.

The nurse quickly disposes.

“And what position are you to assume when conscious?” the pleasant nurse becoming stern.

Robert recalls the instructions of the extraction nurse... decubitus... knees to chest... ankles pressed to the above horizontal bar. He understands but hesitates. He can feel his moist skin, sense the odorous sludge. Raising his legs will further evidence his befouled condition.

“Come now, Robert. It’s almost time for your extraction and you need to be cleaned up. Don’t be embarrassed. I diaper boys, it’s my job. I also clean. And after you’ve been masturbated, I’ll have a nice clean diaper to put back on you.”

It is not embarrassment, it’s outright humiliation, Robert thinks, finally lifting his legs and feeling the room air waft about wet soiled buttocks and scrotum.

“Good boy.”    

Quick and dextrous, Robert is cleansed. Though much chagrined, he finds it comforting. It feels good to be rid of the traces waste.

“May I speak?” the voice soft and humble, the words garbled by the breathing mask.

“Quickly. It’s against the rules,” the nurse reaching to slip aside the mask

“How long have I....”

“Been out? We don’t divulge that. Sensing time offers a degree of empowerment. You are not to have that. You are to passively lie and offer sperm out our behest. It’s the protocol. That is all you are to think about.”

Robert peers downward as best he can. He notes his pubes is shorn! Then his eyes rove. His thighs are equally hairless. A glance right and left suggests the same for his arms. Not hirsute, youthful patches of body hair had been forming. Now it appears all is gone.

“Someone shaved me!”

“Shush. Be silent. Hair is an unnecessary distraction and can be unsanitary. I have been depilating you. More of the protocol.”

The nurse proclaims her task, strong chemicals applied daily, with a degree of pride. Transforming the appearance of the naked and bound male empowers. At a very young age she is offered governance. It is apparent such enthuses.

“And to answer your next question before you again break the rules and inquire... yes your head is being depilated as well. Shampooing a boy is too time consuming.”

Robert is stunned. Bound in unconsciousness, there have been so many changes... diapered... brought to complete glabrousness... shearing his head must have been an awkward task requiring considerable effort. All while he slept.

A warm cloth swaths about his scrotum. The feeling is intense... but good. There is no doubt all protective and insulating pubic hair has been removed. The soiled cloth is disposed. A fresh cloth is drawn, moistened in a basin of soapy water and Robert’s entire form receives a thorough sponge bath. The nurse is tender and caring... yet there is no doubt she is in charge. Just as with his pubes area, Robert is shocked when the warm wetness swipes over his head. Yes, he is bald. And he notes the degree of alacrity... his head cleansed in moments versus a cumbersome and time consuming shampoo.

“There. Feel good? Ready to perform for us? Your scrotum feels full of juiciness... though I am told that has no bearing on the specimen to be extracted.”

Robert finds himself nodding, then chiding himself for agreeing.


With that, the pretty nurse tweaks a left nipple then departs. It is then that Robert notes the scent. He has been bathed with sweet smelling effeminate soap. Then, for the first time Robert notes that he is somewhat firm. Yes, the nurse is correct. Apparently, despite the humiliation of being bathed like a child, his penis indeed found that it felt good.

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