Saturday, December 8, 2012

'Madam, Me and It' - Part XIX - Sold

As noted, this ends the beginning. The remainder of the story, term it sequel number one, 'Miss Pletcher's Farm', is available on Smashwords and now Lulu. The entire 'Madam Me and It' is also available for free at both sites.

Next week, 'The Extraction Nurse'  softer Female Domination of the male. There will be five parts then the remainder will be for sale.




I am returned to the pedestal. Drained, mentally depleted, physically exhausted, Madam connects my leash and lifts the rope... as high as ever. She moves to a wall and presses a button. Miss Pletcher strips off her gloves and sits on one couch, not so much adoring the naked subjugated male form as further assessing.

Madam joins her as I struggle once again on toes. 

“Yes, I think he’ll fuck wonderfully. Practically a virgin. You have the name of his doctor?”

“It’s on the pill bottle. She’s one of us,” Madam informs.

“Good. That keeps the discussion short. I assume she’ll take the going rate.”

“She’ll provide a legitimate medical diagnosis to justify an orchiectomy I am sure. No reason to think otherwise. Besides, look at the sac. It wasn’t biting for long, but it doesn’t take much... does it?”

“Not much at all,” Miss Pletcher smiling wickedly.

The door opens. It enters with a tray. Refreshments... a bottle of Champagne... a bowl of strawberries. He serves. Then when Madam kicks off her shoes he kneels and begins licking her feet.

The women partake, speaking about me as if not present.

“No family... no one to trace him?”

“I’ll give you all his information and I have already done some checking. Cousins out west, not much contact. By the time anyone begins to look for him, you’ll have him well indoctrinated.”

Miss Pletcher nods in agreement.

“Yes, it does not take long before they enjoy sucking cock. And in neutering, they know there is no going back... though some of them look at me like I can grow another set of balls for them...”

The women laugh with the thought. The discussion brings consternation... Madam looking into my private situation... and accurately gauging my limited family contacts.

“He’s homophobic, by the way... not that that matters.”

Miss Pletcher smiles.

“No. Matter of fact it makes the transition all the more enjoyable.”

“Really bristled with the thought of It sucking him off.”

“Well, it seems he passed up his last chance. Your fee?”

“$10,000. He’s older than most, but will resist more.”

“Yes, the challenge will be worth that.”

 “Feminized? Work him in the lodge or the preserve?”

“I’ll have him serve me first. Then make a decision when I tire of him. There’s only so much tightness that alum can bring before the rectum gets stretched to the point of becoming the cunt of an aging whore. That’s when they either put out or get put to work.”

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