Saturday, June 23, 2012

'To Serve Intact' XXI

As Miss Genevieve’s house, the Emperor’s gift, is being built, Master’s capacious home serves as quarters. Her hospitality includes me and I find myself harnessed more often and run daily throughout the island.

Gleaming with sunblock lotion, the sun brings a glow to white, well muscled hairless flesh. Fettered with white leather reins and waist belt, this Caucasian male, the only one on the island, makes quite the impression... particularly when well cropped... which of course Miss Genevieve is given to do.   

So on a typical sunny day I am run hard, Miss Genevieve never satisfied with my performance. Strangely, I am grateful for the exertion. My penis remains infibulated, as always when not in Master’s presence, and the oxygen demanded by straining muscles promotes flaccidity. This brings curious looks from the empowered women of the island, normally Master running me with a raging hard on proceeding prongs, cart and rider.

We come across a small gathering of islanders. Two girls, teens, cute, lively mischievous eyes. There are two naked island boys. Ankles shackled. As Miss Genevieve pulls on my reins to slow I note that thick wrist cuffs are chained in front, partially encumbering the hands. I also note the remnants of Dictate Six... the flange of formidable butt plugs wedged between well rounded buttocks.

Miss Genevieve pulls more firmly bringing me to a halt. The girls look to me covetously... every island woman should own one... their thoughts apparent.
Miss Genevieve offers greetings. Words are exchanged. Two pairs of brothers and sisters... out for a walk... out for some fun.  

“Do they enjoy each other... your brothers?” Miss Genevieve inquires, dismounting the cart.

Males on the island remain silent unless words are demanded... an unwritten dictate which seems to evolve from the natural order of the gynecocracy.

The girls look at each and smile. One sister replies.

“They enjoy whatever we tell them to enjoy.”

Miss Genevieve nods, a twinkle coming to her eye as she notes that the boys begin to firm, the sight of an alluring blonde woman not often encountered. Plus I suppose the sizeable anal plugs will foster stimulation.

“You’ve kept them chaste. See how they harden in the presence of a woman? That is good. Discipline... no matter the age, girls. But there are times when your brothers should be rewarded. How are they at masturbating... performing for you?”

The girls breakout into raucous giggles.

“We don’t allow that. The hands are only shackled in front so we can better walk them,” the second girl explains.

“Well. Despite the prostate manipulation of the anal plugs, sometimes it is best they be permitted relief. But only at your behest of course... under your strict tutelage... always.”

The girls find themselves nodding.

Miss Genevieve steps forth, riding crop in hand. She uses the tip to diddle penis number one then turns slightly to offer like treatment to penis number two. The purple tips now thrust forth, sliding briskly from the mocha flesh of the foreskin. Miss Genevieve is amused... as are the girls. The boys look aghast.

“How about a contest? Have the boys masturbate each other. The loser is the boy who ejaculates first. The winner can then butt fuck him while he licks up his own seed. I assume their rectums have been opened and lubricated?”

The eyes of both girls open in wonderment with such a deviant and entertaining proposal. The boys, homophobia apparent, appear more horrorstruck, thoughts of such intimacy with a male bringing repugnance.

But what to do? What possible resistance is to be offered? Master’s elastrator awaits the disobedient... testicles removed with zeal on this island of feminine caprice.

“I think you’ll find they know exactly what to do. Have them kneel facing each other. They can reach each other just fine. And they’re both nicely sized so a good butt fucking will want to be avoided... isn’t that true boys?”

Of course it is. There are few things more revolting than touching another males privates... one is feeling his organ splitting your backside.

Boy number one quickly realizes that despite the intense humiliation... it can become more intense if he comes first and then must bend to accept the winner’s stiffness while ingesting his own wad of sperm. He thus grasps the penis of boy number two... and to strident girlish laughter begins to stroke.

And Miss Genevieve is correct in her assessment. Despite the aura of homophobic revulsion, the hand grips knowingly, the thumb gyrating the moist underside to impel more firmness. Yes, boys know how to handle the penis.

Boy number two must counter... and quickly. He in turn reaches and an amusing session of mutual masturbation begins.

What debauchery hath Miss Genevieve wrought?  

Meanwhile in observing the mastery of the female, my infibulated penis no longer spared by the demanding exertion, my own neglected organ defies me.

What is it about the scene of feminine dominion that so excites? Brings unwanted arousal?

Meanwhile the girls lend a hand, assisting in increasing the unwanted lust, embarrassing words, mocking the oddly achieved level of fervor as each boy labors to avoid anal penetration. Soft fingers tweak nipples, the girls heightening the sensory input. A free hand awaits, the ejaculate to be captured and returned orally to its spewing owner.

Miss Genevieve, that look of Schadenfreude radiating, snickers with the intensity of the scene. The women of the island can never lose in such encounters. Which boy spurts, consumes his juices then must bend and spread... which boy butt fucks in jubilation... is of little consequence.

It is the women of the island who ultimately triumph... always. 

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