Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Conclusion/Epilogue 'To Serve Intact'

'Miss Genevieve and the Captain's Capitulation', epilogue to 'To Serve Intact' is now available from Lulu (as is the full story) at Price $4.00.

As noted, it is also available from Smashwords.




Victoria Vista said...

How could I NOT get the epilogue and find out the fate of the captain. Of course it was well laid out how it would end...but a part of me stilled wished that somehow he would find a way to deal treacherously Genevieve! I will not sleep for nights again Chris!!!

Chris Bellows said...

Ms. Victoria,

Thank you for your interest. But alas, in a CB story the Dominant woman is more than likely to prevail if not out right triumph.

Just cannot come to terms with producing the Hollywood ending.



Victoria Vista said...

I know. You are true to your self.

~ Vista