Wednesday, June 13, 2012

'To Serve Intact' XVIII

I do not sleep well. Brandi spends the night lying on top of me. Despite the repulsion, his/her soft and warm flesh serves to stimulate and of course with the infibulating wire in place, my penis struggles to firm and instead merely brings the agony of attempted arousal. Plus he/she is given to adoringly lick my nipples. More arousal.

The restlessness brings thought and reflection. There is not much else to occupy the mind when lying bound and hooded.

Miss Genevieve is more than imposing... she is threatening. She is a conniver, not only enriching herself with the overpayment from my oil company employer, but wheedling huge sums from the Emperor in return for deception resulting in macabre and castration. Also, in feeling her masterful strokes of the crop, not shrinking from applying corporal punishment to attain performance, she is apparently an accomplished flagellatrix.

So as I lie excogitating, fear of her potential ownership begins to overwhelm. With Master I am treasured. There is needed correction and encouragement, yes. But overall I am her prized show dog, a symbol of her authority, of the mastery of the governing female over the hapless male... strong... virile... but well controlled. Thus for best display, I am meticulously exercised... more than adequately fed... prinked and preened daily by the castrates. My skin is pampered, my comparatively extreme alabaster covering radiates, the African island populace quite impressed that a woman of color so facilely directs every aspect of my existence.

Strangely... I am needed... like a villain in a soap opera. Viewers may not find affinity with such, but he is essential to the plot. Yet what if Master tires of me? Or perhaps finds another Caucasian to symbolize feminine mastery?

I reflect on Miss Genevieve’s fucking of my mouth... at one point demonstrating her dominion and my vulnerability by thrusting to the very back of my throat... triggering the gag reflex. She laughed as I choked. And there was nothing I could do!

I so much wanted to bite... but even with jaws clenched, my filed incisors and bicuspids form an oral opening which beckons mischief.

In summation, in the mind of Miss Genevieve... I am potential hog feed... or perhaps are only my testicles. Yes, Miss Genevieve finds directing the male beast to be whimsical and entertaining. For Master it is an important expression of her power as the Emperor’s potentate.

Thoughts end as Brandi stirs. The pressing warmth of her body slides away. I feel my ankle bands being released and know to assistant in the morning ritual by contracting my stomach muscles as Brandi lifts my legs. Feet pulled to the brackets which secure my yoke, the bands are reattached. Then I feel fingers rummaging about my anus, the daily suppository to be thrust well within.

Demeaning... degrading... but I am not to think for a single moment that anything is under my control... right down to moving my bowels. I do so at the behest of others.

My infibulating wire is carefully slipped away and Brandi aligns the penis tip with a receptacle. Within minutes I empty myself of all wastes, my anus is wiped, my feet are released and my legs returned to the floor.

Next I am fed, hood remaining in place. Brandi will permit me to see when she so deems it necessary... a sightless human steed much more docile and easy with which to deal.

Next Brandi works about my feet and toes. A pedicure, no level of care too trifling for the Master’s human conveyance. Then, as I hear the tapping of boots, knowing Master’s purposeful gait, I smell acetone. What’s this?

“Good morning my beast. Did you sleep well?”

Yes, it is she and my heart leaps with her presence... she who is all... and so kind to inquire.   

“No Mashter,” speech impaired, my reply bringing a chuckle.

“Perhaps I did not work you enough. Maybe a couple of hours in the training pen and you’ll rest easier.”

She moves most proximate and I feel leather on my right cheek. I know to turn my head and lick her boot. Master so much enjoys the symbolic gesture.

“No please, Mashter. I am worn,” indeed quite worn from yesterday’s long session in harness.

“Just as well. Brandi is giving you a pedicure and painting your nails... a very nice blushing pink. Wouldn’t want you to muddy your feet. She’ll do your fingernails as well. It’s good for the psyche of the kept man to look pretty.”

Master’s nearness, my tongue paying homage to she I adore, brings unwanted stimulation. I cannot help myself. I have been indoctrinated to stand for her. Just the sound of her voice excites. With the painful attempt to swell for her, I somewhat squirm with the anguish.

“Brandi, let him harden for me while we speak.”

“Thank you Mashter,” gratitude expressed as Brandi unties and slips away that which is so small yet so effectively mandates chastity.

My foreskin steadily retracts and I grimace as the studs of the diamond piercings perform their function.

“Genevieve has taken a liking to you, my beast. You should feel complimented. Normally she prefers the neutered male... perhaps better described as those about to be neutered. She’s known to whip until a man begs for the relief of castration. A rather focused and determined woman.”

The words offer no comfort. Still I feel the expected twinges as erectile chambers freely engorge and I stiffen for Master. Showing appreciation, I lick with more fervor.

“She wants to own me,” I humbly express my concern.

Master laughs.

“Every woman on this island owns a male. So will Genevieve. Should I concur, the Emperor has given his blessing....”

“But I am yours. You spared me to serve you.”

“I spared you to amuse... and you will do so by serving whomever I designate. And it could be that castrating someone of your size and virility should be done with more savoir-faire than while lying naked in chains in a grimy warehouse. Have you ever thought about that?.. that I have chosen to humiliate and torment first then remove your testicles in a much more ignominious manner.” 

This exchange does not bode well. The matter is apparently under consideration. And it is disheartening to learn indeed that Miss Genevieve is accomplished with the whip. One cannot help wondering how long the male can withstand until he succumbs to the elastrator or some other instrument of castration.

She makes them beg to be altered!

Observing my consternation, my thoughtful silence, Master bends and graciously brushes a finger on my cheek.

“You’re amazingly erect, my beast. The subject both frightens and arouses. Why do you think that is?”

She chuckles and I know her gaze is on the organ that saved me, its impressive size and firmness gaining her attention... ‘something she must master’ I am sure were her thoughts. The scintillating diamonds designate that it is hers... the male phallus, bejeweled at a woman’s whim.

“Yes, the elastrator is effective and quick. Yet sometimes too quick. There are occasions when, for males of special status, it is better to clamp... slowly squeeze until the gonads pop. The pain can be exquisite...”

In noting that her words bring trembling, there comes soft laughter. Yet there are also twinges... down there.

More footsteps. It can only be Miss Genevieve. The castrated servants are kept barefoot.

“Your Jackie offers wondrous cunnilingus, Colonel,” the voice indeed Miss Genevieve. 

She nears, apparently focusing on my tumescence, as Brandi moves to my entrapped hands.

“So he stands for you. Perhaps you’ll permit some fellatio. Castrates so much enjoy the intact...” Miss Genevieve notes with enthusiasm. 

“Never. His energy is to be expended serving me... in harness. Not spewing his seed,” Master most stern in her proclamation.

I of course know this to be the demanded protocol. Still it disappointments to hear my state of chastity so adamantly reinforced.

“I like the nails... fuchsia... it contrasts nicely with his well muscled physique. A woman owns... the message is evident.”

Yes, moving from right hand to left, Brandi continues her handiwork, the smell of acetone stronger. As stated I am pampered, at times thinking of myself as the well groomed prize poodle at a dog show.

“I would like to walk him,” Miss Genevieve declares as Brandi completes her task.

“Brandi, ice him down then get Genevieve a leash.”

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