Saturday, May 19, 2012

'To Serve Intact' XII

Master returns. I am heartened. Though I have been well acclimated... having been indoctrinated on the strange machine at the prison... being forced to exercise walking in circles, ankles hobbled, is mentally grueling, not to mention the physical, of course. I know Master will run me, being as eager as I am to put me on display, my penis freed to stand and be exhibited to all. Though bitted, bridled and harnessed, the relative freedom of movement thrills.

And so it is another bright sunny day on the tropical African island as a naked Brandi completes my morning care. I know I am to be run, water is forced into me, a second quart bottle squeezed into my mouth, one set of fingers pinching closed my nostrils another holding closed my lips. In order to inhale without choking I must swallow. Cute and neutered, Brandi is most determined when it comes to the mandatory care allotted.

Lastly a pill is slipped into my mouth and with a final squeeze of the water bottle, I swallow again.

Yoke freed of the floor brackets, ankle bands released, I am led to the tacking area, mindfully following a finger thrust through my nose ring. The bit is effortlessly pressed to my altered dentation, a head bridle strapped in place to firmly hold it in place and then reins are attached. As Brandi buckles a broad waist belt, that which makes me one with the wheeled conveyance, Master’s sonorous authoritative voice calls out from the porch.

“No anal hook today, Brandi. I want him figged.”   

Brandi smiles wickedly, putting aside the devilishly shaped steel implement and moving to the final preparatory step, attaching the prongs. Today the human pony cart not to be pulled, instead  my waist belt is attached to the prongs of a heavier chariot.

I begin to feel twinges, my penis attempting to harden, knowing that Master will soon have the infibulating wire removed... to gloat in curious feminine pride as tribute to her superiority is paid.

But there is more, a stronger urge, one beyond that which I can normally suppress. Despite the mental discipline developed over the months of naked servitude, my manhood disobeys, swelling to fight its entrapment. Punishment is quick, physical rebuke for attempting to harden other then under Master’s purview. The engorging tip greets the infibulating wire and injures itself. I wince, repressing a groan. I do not understand this seemingly outsized physical need to harden.

Finally Master exits the house. Following is Jackie, naked but for brief kitchen apron, bejeweled, hair effeminately coifed. Another neutered and naked servant follows him/her. Their upturned arms are piled with steel... chains... cuffs... shackles.   

Master notes my predicament, my penis shaft firming but of course the trapped head remaining painfully ensheathed.

“I see Brandi offered the Viagra. I know how much my beast enjoys showing off. Curious how quickly it works... and so effectively.”

Viagra! There is no end to the depravity... the depths of feminine control. 

Radiant as always Master stands before me arms akimbo as her servants load the chariot. I feel the prongs shift under the load, many pounds of metal loaded. I will be physically tested... in addition to having to mentally attempt flaccidity... patiently made to wait for my penis to be relieved of infibulation.

To beg, I gasp into the bit, the beseeching words indiscernible. Master laughs.

“But you males always take such pride in achieving a nice big erection. Now second thoughts?” she mockingly inquires.

Brandi pops from the stable and hands Master my urethral agitator, set in place to inhibit urination whenever I am not infibulated. Normally I shrink in spying the wicked spiked cylinder. Now I do not. It bides well, my penis to be freed.

Still there is more torment to be endured as Master instructs to Jackie to return to the kitchen for her ‘gift’.

“I do hope you appreciate her efforts. She arose early to carve the largest finger of ginger root she could find... just for you.”

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