Saturday, May 19, 2012

Author's Inquiry

For some reason I cannot get the Lulu software to accept my manuscripts and publish such in 'E Book' format. Tried reformatting my stuff and nothing works. 

So, I am quitting the effort. It's a guessing game attempting to correct, I do not understand all the idioms Lulu throws out, and I have better use for my time (like writing stuff for you readers).

Thus my question... if I publish on Lulu in PDF format can the manuscripts be read on the Kindle, Nook, Apple and other Ebook media devices? 

I believe (hopefully) the only difference is that a PDF file can be read but also shared and transmitted while an E Book cannot. I am not concerned about sharing abuse, we perverts are possessive. 

Can someone confirm one way or the other?


Anonymous said...

Your readers could use Calibre ( to convert your .pdf story to .mobi. Then it could be read by Kindle or Nook. Calibre has lmany other conversion features and formats that might be helpful.
That being said, I prefer to buy my ebooks from Amazon or Smashwords.
Hope this helps.

Unknown said...

An ebook (.mobi) file can be shared as easily as a .pdf.
Reluctant Press sends password to open their ebook .pdf files and the only way to share those is with the password. They cannot be copied.

Chris Bellows said...

Thanks for the feedback.

Keep in mind that my goal is NOT to restrict readers but to produce in a format that can be opened on as many devices as possible... without jumping through Lulu's hoops.

As stated, I can't get my stuff into ebook format. As long as PDF files can be opened on Kindles and Nooks, etc. I'll simply publish in PDF format.