Sunday, May 6, 2012

Some thoughts

Viewers have been down almost every day this week including posting day, Saturday.

Not sure what's diverting everyone's attention. Lulu book sales are off too, but it appears in that case the reporting mechanism may be malfunctioning.

Any way, one half of 'To Serve Intact' has been posted, so expect a few more weeks before conclusion.

To be written is an epilogue which I will probably write first person, Dominant female. I am considering making this available on Lulu for a nominal fee (at that time I will post on Lulu the entire 'To Serve Intact' manuscript for free).

Any thoughts?

Economically, this blog thing has not fostered the pecunious state desired.


1 comment:

Vista said...

Love your writing. Maybe it's the May-June school thing...keeping people busy...hard to say. But be encouraged...your writing is incredible!

~ Vista