Saturday, November 14, 2015

A Man's Chastity X

“But she’s nothing more than a file clerk!”

My words are direct and meant to be uttered in adamance. But whenever there is an exchange of dialogue with my wife, I sound like a squeaking mouse.

“Madeleine Hawkins, Miss Madeleine to you, is one of us. You will respect her and obey her. Is that clear Henry?”

“Yes, Ma’am,” the words of a sullen mouse.

With the arrival of the second cock cage and control ring, I stand naked, wrists secured behind my back as my wife tests to assure a proper fit. As with most things Teutonic, it proves to be precise, an exact duplicate, spikes included.

“Okay, take the old one and mail it priority to your office, addressed to Madeleine Hawkins. It should arrive on Monday.”

The rush shipment from Germany, air express, added over $100 to the cost of the finely fabricated cage and ring. But it is timely received. On Monday, the new security protocol begins. To some degree I am excited, to be relieved of the cock cage. But upon arrival in the office, having cleared security and the new metal detectors, Madeleine Hawkins.... Miss Madeleine Hawkins... will return me to chastity with the duplicate cock cage. This brings apprehension, subordinating myself to a subordinate.

The woman is annoying. Bad enough she knows of my collaring. Now she will be caging my penis.

There comes the click of the tiny pad lock, assuring my return to chastity. I know to turn and my wife releases the double ‘D’ clamp from my wrist bands.

So the new regimen is that I will be driven to work, temporarily released from my new cock cage in the parking lot, amble through security and report to Madeleine Hawkins... Miss Madeleine Hawkins... who will return me to chastity with the old cock cage. At the end of the day, the process is to be reversed.

I suppose I could somehow play with myself, possibly even masturbate, during the interval from parking lot to office. Yes, I fantasize, divert my route to a stall in the men’s room for some quick strokes and ejaculation... fully spurting... and not into a cup.

I think about it. I have to. I’m a guy. A very frustrated guy.

“Madeleine will greet you in the building lobby, Henry. If she’s not there you will wait for her... obediently wait for her.”

Well, there goes that fantasy.


Anonymous said...

What happened with the Amanda story? And Ownership part 3 is still missing...when can we expect it.

Chris Bellows said...


I am well rebuked. With 'A Man's Chastity' completed (epilogue included) I will get back into the 'Ownership' series. Then Amanda's boys.