Saturday, November 7, 2015

A Man's Chastity IX

“Calm down, Henry. There’s a simple solution. Perhaps more than one.”

I hear the honking of a horn, a car brazenly pulling into our driveway.

“Ah, there’s David to pick me up. The undergrads love showing off their cars. Insisted on driving me to the restaurant. Shall I have him come in to meet? You’d be able to place a face with a taste,” the sardonic words offered with an innocent smile.

I shake my head. Yes, I will most likely be tasting David later, my wife not always able to completely expel the effluent of a night’s tryst before demanding my oral servitude. But I need not see him, particularly as I am once again naked, my wife having spent the last thirty minutes leading me about the house, testing the new dog leash.

I could sense the rush brought her by the expression of unbridled feminine power.

“Get the invoice for your cock cage. Then go on line to the website and request that a duplicate be made... to be express shipped.”

With that, my wife snaps closed the tiny padlock making my collar one with the long chain she procured. After some thought, she bought both... leash and lengthy chain. In locking the latter in place, I cannot release myself even with hands free. And I cannot reach the bathroom. There is a bucket for emergencies. If used, another week will be added to my chastity.

“Being tethered will make you feel better, Henry. It’s the only reason I do this. Dr. Bronski suggests bondage is appropriate for you... that you need to feel a woman’s dominion... and I agree.”

I get a kiss on my forehead and a pat to my buttocks. With that, my wife leaves for her tutoring session... at an expensive French restaurant... paid for with my credit card. I cannot help gazing in awe and wonder as she strolls to the front door, dressed not for tutoring but for a lavish evening on the town. She is ravishing, cocktail dress of glowing red, raven hair, blue eyes. Beneath the mesh of steel, I feel the twinge I must so often suppress.

I hear the screech of tires, this David student enthused by fast cars. Though well endowed and popular with the girls, my wife has informed that she has been teaching him a few things... academics aside.

She likes to ride firm young cock... of size. In late night pillow talk, this has been explained to me ad infinitum, her shockingly explicit words coming to me while I sense the warm embers of her multiple orgasms... rekindled by my oral servitude.

Left alone in my thoughts, I pull my chain to the den. The invoice for my cock cage is located and I boot up the computer, typing in the address for the German website.

More of my retirement funds to be expended when the credit card bill arrives.


Marc Duvigny said...

Nice story. As one who's cuckolded several husbands, I've never quite met someone like this character. Might be fun.

Chris Bellows said...


Glad you are enjoying.

Keep those inadequate husbands frustrated.