Saturday, July 18, 2015

Miss Amanda's Bitch Boys V

Luke hears the click of a lock and the clang of steel bars. He arises in curiosity, then kneels to drink, the urine of feeding girl Molly lingering in his mouth    

Into view comes the well muscled guard Amanda Contrell. In her hand right hand is the nostril string of an inmate. In her left is a leash leading to the collar of the naked castrate Jami. Behind, yoked and shuffling on knees, the inmate  moves with celerity to minimize painful tension on the string.

“That’s it Luke boy, just pretend you’re sucking on a nice cock,” noting Luke now drinks without protest. 

Amanda laughs and jostles the nostril string continuing her stroll to the dead end of the corridor where serving girl Molly brought attention to the two sturdy posts. Luke notes the emaciated form of the starved Jami carries a length of bamboo. As the shuffling prisoner nears the posts, he sees that indeed they accommodate the ends of the prisoner’s yoke. With the sound of clicks, such are secured in place. Then Guard Amanda releases both nostril string and leash, steps back and snaps her fingers. With that, trusty Jami jumps to action and begins stripping the kneeling inmate. With Jami’s speedy attention, the deed appears to be a regular undertaking.

Luke notes the inmate resists not, allowing himself to be brought to nakedness without word or gesture of resistance.

“We’ll take care of your needs today, Henry. Keep those feet nice and raw,” Guard Amanda smiling as various garments are tossed aside.

A large brown hand reaches to playfully tousle the hair then disappears from sight. There comes the sound of metal doors, a cabinet tucked against the near wall. Amanda returns, a strip of wood in hand, round hole in the middle. Luke watches as the device opens, splitting lengthwise down the middle. The two conjoining strips are handed to Jami.

“A humbler. Keeps a boy immobile and humble indeed,” Amanda calls out noting Luke’s curious look.

An excited Jami reaches between parted thighs, palms the scrotal sac and draws back. He tucks the set of male plums into the hole of the open strips, presses the ends against the back of the thighs right and left then dextrously tightens, closing the strips to hold in place the testicles most tautly.

“Jami so much enjoys handling the glands he so painfully gave up,” Amanda offers with a laugh.

When inmate Henry utters a muffled groan, Amanda smiles in satisfaction, the scrotum conveniently used to further immobilize. It is not the first time she has had Jami place a male into the wooden humbling device, Luke notes. The deed required not more than a minute.

Next, Amanda again disappears. There is more rattling about the cabinet. Then she returns with a metal bar, a circle of nylon at each end no doubt intended to capture a limb. Jami takes the bar, kneels and indeed right ankle and left are secured, forcing the knees well apart.

Jami presents the length of bamboo. Guard Amanda holds it before the well bound prisoner Henry. He kisses it. There comes an evil smile, as she steps to the side and immediately begins the most vicious caning imaginable. Even professional killer Luke Donovan, observing two crisp strokes, hearing one constant howl, closes his eyes in shock.

In completing half a dozen strokes, Amanda pauses, turning to Luke’s cell, grinning most triumphantly. 

“He canes well does he not, Luke boy. So appreciative... and so deserving.”

A free hand lowers to tenderly smooth over amazingly purple welts. The digits feel with pride. And the sobs of the excoriated inmate seem to bring joy.

“Some bastinado, Henry? It’s for the best. Hate to think you’ll ever again walk upright.. like a real man.”

Luke notes that the ankle restraints of the spreader bar also serve to hold the bare feet some two inches above the concrete flooring, making the caning of the feet most facile.

It begins, Luke surprised with the leisurely timing... the ease of each stroke... and the blazing agony such brings. Meanwhile Jami watches with fascination, his look almost one of envy.

Amanda canes the instep. Incredibly sensitive, Luke realizes. And so little effort expended in spawning lung emptying howls of agony. And no one will ever hear, Luke shuddering with the thought. Only Guard Amanda and the inmates of super max. 

Guard Amanda pauses in rest, playfully tapping the well exposed and entrapped testicles, objects not to be ignored by a woman of control and dominance.

“Don’t waste any pity on Henry here, Luke. As an arsonist he’s a failure. But as a masochist... in that he triumphs,” Guard Amanda stepping to Luke’s cell door in respite. “Burned down his own house. Little problem with cash flow to be cured by the insurance company. Used a clever timing device attached to the gas furnace. Very effective... except that his wife and kids arrived home early. Though death benefits were not intended as part of the scheme, the life insurance people tend to do much more thorough investigations into million dollar death claims.

“And then, while awaiting sentencing, in a brazen display of what had before been latent masochism, he began to write thinly disguised threatening letters to the judge and prosecutor. Something about their homes going up in flames as well. Sealed himself in super max as a result. He’s here by his own hand, Luke boy... literally assuring incarceration in the most secure and punishing facility in the Federal system. 

“Been caning him weekly since he arrived. It’s cathartic for him, the miserable wimp. He’s grateful for my attention, though he has a hard time showing it when I turn his skin to the same color as his wife and children. Ha, ah, ha.”

Luke is stunned in silence. Guard Amanda reaches inward palms then jostles the hairless scrotal sac. The moment of physical pleasure brings emotional distress.

“You’ll be posted at some point, Luke. None of my bitches avoids the cane. And you’ll come to appreciate it too. I know boys like you.”

Luke’s shock grows as Guard Amanda returns to the well restrained mass of reddened skin.

She begins again, more applications of rattan to feet already brought to crimson.

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