Saturday, July 4, 2015

Miss Amanda's Bitch Boys III

“Feeding time for Jami. Everyone to the bars.”

The stentorian voice of Guard Amanda Contrell calls out. Luke, breaker of legs, watches in both curiosity and awe as his five yoked cohorts instantly rise and indeed present themselves standing at the bars. Luke knows he too must obey, but his nakedness brings bashful delay.

His awe amplifies as he sees Amanda Contrell emerge from the observation room. In her hand is a leash... a dog’s leash... and it is attached to the seamless steel collar of an emaciated young male... Caucasian... naked... and unless Luke’s eyes deceive... without balls!   

“I said to the bars,” the command coming as Guard Amanda notes Luke’s tardiness.

He arises, noting the smirking face of the guard and a look of eagerness on the young male.

“Your choice, Jami. Pick your meal. But not Eddie boy. He’s been a little lax in licking my boots of late.”

With that, Jami strolls down the narrow corridor, a tiny penis flopping about. The yoked inmates all press their pubes’s, zippers aligned to open slots between the bars. Jami pauses before inmate one and two, finally stepping to Julie, standing opposite. The naked form of some 100 pounds eagerly kneels. Free hands work the zipper. Guard Amanda girlishly giggles as a huge black cock springs forth. Jami reaches inward, gently cupping the impressive scrotum and immediately engulfing a rapidly swelling manhood. Luke is shocked with both the alacrity and the oral capacity of an otherwise physically limited being.

“Yes, you are hungry today, Jami. Picked the biggest happy meal in the cell block.”

Luke finds both fascination and distress, watching the head bob and thrust. He notes Julie’s look of ecstasy, vicariously feeling the pursing lips and swishing tongue. He notes the eagerness. He notes there is no coercion... not on the part of Jami... not on the part of Julie. It disgusts, his homophobia frothing.

“Someday maybe for you, Luke boy. Jami gets his three meals per day, prison regulations... ha, ha, ha.”    

“You can’t do this!” a flustered Luke protests.

Guard Amanda, leaving much slack on the leash, turns as the oral coupling continues.

“You see any windows, Luke boy? Any telephones? Any method of communicating with the outside world? What happens in super max happens... and it stays here and only here. When Julie completes his sentence, if he completes his sentence, no one will ever know a good part of his hard time was spent feeding my little white boy. And see how much Jami enjoys himself? The transformation is intriguing, castrating a boy. He once molested children, demanding fellatio from young girls and boys. And now look! Seems he’s now the best cocksucker in the prison.... ha, ha, ha.”

There comes a gasp of delight, Julie evidently exploding as Luke notes how deeply is the penetration. There is no doubt the effluent gushed directly into the cocksucker’s gullet.

“Be sure to lick him clean now Jami,” the admonishment coming as Jami’s face slowly withdraws.

Luke notes the attentiveness, the tongue dancing and dabbing. Julie indeed well cleansed.

“Took a while to condition him. But incising the balls makes a boy malleable. Plus starvation. Unless Jami sucks cock he doesn’t receive protein... and he doesn’t get his dog biscuit.”

With that, a dog biscuit is indeed tossed to the concrete floor. Jami crawls and picks it up in his mouth, chewing ravenously.

“That’s his ration... sperm and a dog biscuit. But no sperm, no dog biscuit. So he’s always ready to suck a good cock. Keeps him nice and lean, wouldn’t you say Luke boy?”

“You’re starving him!”

“Yes, but so judiciously. Every time I think about his young victims, I want to refuse him his biscuit.”

Luke hears crunching as the biscuit is rapidly consumed. Guard Amanda smiling pridefully.

“Child molesters normally don’t do well in prison, Luke boy. But once the ultimate price is paid, the inmates become more tolerant. Plus a good blow job is always appreciated. No perceived homosexuality in receiving, Luke boy, not in prison. And in super max, where masturbation is not tolerated, a good set of  warm wet lips is much cherished. Isn’t that right Julie boy?”

“Oh, yes Ma’am, Miss Amanda. I very much enjoy feeding Jami. He deserves lots and lots of spunk.”

“Jami, I think you’re getting a little fat,” a hand reaching to pinch the naked buttocks, small and little girlish.

Luke knows the observation to be sarcastic, the convicted molester sporting not an ounce of excess weight.

“Think I’ll cut down on your biscuits. More sperm instead. Keep you nice and lean.” 

Biscuit consumed, Jami crawls to confront Luke’s nakedness, his genitals pressing through the bars, enticing for the sucker of cocks. A tongue thrusts forth in invitation. Luke is shocked with the length and breadth.

“May I taste him Miss Amanda?” the voice high pitched, the hormonal change evident.

Guard Amanda looks to Luke, a twinkle in her eye. She notes that the penis somewhat swells... a latent reaction in standing naked before a fully clothed woman? Perhaps deep within the expressions of homophobia are a subterfuge? Or is there a somatic reaction to watching another male receive such ecstatic joy?

For Amanda, it matters not.

“Get him up for me, Jami... but don’t get him off. You’ve had your lunch.”

Jami pushes his face to the bars. Luke steps back, but Guard Amanda knowingly grabs the string of his nose binding, pulling threateningly.  

“Don’t bother being shy. You gave yourself away with your last erection. You’re one of those, Luke. And Jami is most cautious. Unless I tell him to bring you off, you’ll not ejaculate. He knows where you are in the cycle. After all, fellatio is how he spends most of his day, sucking and sucking.”


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this is an awesome tale

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so hot hot hot!
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