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A Woman in Control - Solidying my power II

Solidifying My Power II

“Dr. Helmstadt, so good of you to call. A problem with Jack?”

“No, not at all. I incised his frenum as I recommended. Nurse Benson has him performing special tongue exercises. Our efforts will offer both agility and added length. You should be feeling the difference, better penetration.”

“I am. And I am glad the surgery is covered by the company health care plan.”

“That’s the reason I called. Is there a G. Douglas Olivier covered by the plan?”

“Yes, he’s the sycophant CEO I’ve talked about.”

“Well it seems that his wife has acquired special powers over his affairs. Normally arranged with people who are non compos mentis.”

“Or arranged by a wife with particular concerns,” I offer with a snicker.

“Well, if you say he’s covered then I will proceed. She seems familiar with the Prince’s Wand and cock cage, like that we have Jack locked into. She’s demanding such for husband G. Douglas Olivier... and she has the paperwork to make it happen.”

“Electroejaculation?” I must inquire smiling to myself.

“Yes, that as well. But irregularly, only with her concurrence. Seems she wants him sensing the frustration of denial and build up. Ordered the longest and sharpest spikes for the cock cage. And though I explained it’s not necessary with the intact male, she wants the scrotal ring surgically implanted... like Jack. Quite the coincidence... has she seen Jack?”

Mrs. Olivier and I have formed a cabal... and we’ve agreed to keep it secret. I control the business... she controls G. Douglas Olivier. And we share Jack.

“I would assume she’s getting advice from a woman of supreme governance. Mr. Olivier is known to stray,” I offer as cover, not directly addressing the question.

Well, a newly humbled Mrs. Olivier politely suggested that my ‘weekly updates’ cease. It was a modest concession on my part. I do visit his office from time to time...after spritzing some butter spray on my hands. It’s amusing to see him fidget as the Pavlovian response to the strong scent brings a tent to the front of his trousers.

He asks for his update and I deny. Obviously, henceforth, if the aging penis of G. Douglas is locked in steel, even his humble requests will indeed terminate. Those cock cage spikes will bring torment with the slightest degree of tumescence. And I shall miss the antics, having the boss squirt only at my behest, listening to him beseech for final climax.

Now it will be Nurse Benson’s task... rectal insertion, the press of a button, the electrical jolt, the painful explosion of male seed harmlessly gushing into a clinical collection vessel. 

“How has Jack been performing for you?” Dr. Helmstadt changes the subject matter. “We’re almost five years into his castration. Any mental/emotional issues?”

“When I have him stand naked in front of the mirror, he tends to sob a bit. You’ve seen what the daily quart of buttermilk has done. He’s nice and soft and plump. And yes, as expected his concentration is deteriorating. He no longer works here, it’s too challenging for him. I have him doing full time maid service. That way I avoid having to offer the dignity of male clothing. Matter of fact he only dresses now in his maid’s costume... and then only when I want to show him off. He is mostly kept naked full time.”

“Excellent. He’ll feel much better... serve you better... and overall be happier. It’s best for boys like Jack. His destiny is to serve. We see that often here.”

I voice concurrence, recalling the naked and leashed human canine in the doctor’s waiting room, the pretty young receptionist, a governess in training, tossing the dog biscuit. Then came the snap and the point of a finger... the commanding gesture to have my shoes licked.

“Well, I have to go. The Oliviers have a 3:00 p.m. appointment.”

We hang up and I must wonder what Jack is up to alone at Mrs. Olivier’s pretentious Greenwich, Connecticut mansion. So I pick up my remote control and offer two quick reminder charges, the code for Jack to call me. If he does not do so within 5 minutes, I simply apply more voltage until I hear the phone ring. I particularly enjoy knowing where the former male feels the manifestation of my power... in his useless sex organs. Such are no longer for pleasure... such are to endure the caprice of woman’s controlling hand. 

Jack visits three times per week, keeping Mrs. Olivier’s vast abode spotless and greatly pleasing the gray haired, once-thought-of-as-prim, woman of the house. Jack has indicated she watches intently, remote in hand, having dire authority over a neutered male quite rewarding.

The phone rings.

“Yes, Miss Desiree, you signaled?”

“Where are you Jack?”

“I am in Mrs. Olivier’s kitchen preparing dinner for her and Mr. Olivier.”

“Good boy. You can stay late. I have a date tonight, dinner with one of my bullstuds. New. I think you’ll enjoy his taste,” repressing a wicked laugh.

“But I need to go to the bathroom, Miss Desiree.”

A problem. Mrs. Olivier has wired her home just as my apartment has been wired. Jack cannot leave any room without the gracious press of a woman’s finger. It is best not to intercede with another woman’s control. To do so brings confusing and conflicting thoughts to Jack’s addled mind. He must focus on staying where a governing woman has designated.

“Use a jar... and be neat. You can depose of your excretions when Mrs. Olivier returns. How has your dildo training been coming along?”

Mrs. Olivier has deviously... and deviantly... been training Jack to deep throat a fairly good sized rubber phallus, the gag reflex to be brought under control. I must say, once the woman steps out of her prude persona... she steps out with vigor.

I cannot envision her purchasing such an implement. But with the internet, all is confidential.

“I still choke a bit,” a remorseful Jack replies, knowing full well of the training’s purpose.

“Well, you’ve learned to enjoy a man’s taste... a real man. Soon you’ll be able to enjoy the feel as well. It’s best for you, Jack. There is no purpose in having any male pride. You’re no longer male. Your role is to please... in all capacities.”

G. Douglas is aware that husband Jack, remaining on the company payroll, serves in his home as a maid. Over time I believe Mrs. Olivier will be expanding those duties. Could it be that any offer to remove G. Douglas’s newly installed stainless steel chastity cock cage will only come under very challenging circumstances? Such as to be fellated... by a naked neutered male? Yes, he’ll beg for climactic relief... and such wickedness in the choice Mrs. Olivier will offer to G. Douglas... either submit to Nurse Benson’s electroejaculation or entertain Mrs. Olivier with a lewd display of male on male oral sodomy... Jack’s dildo training so deviantly applied.
In hanging up, Bob enters my office. He presents a memo from the corporate secretary. It seems the controlling shareholders of Olivier Flavors and Fragrances, i.e. Mr. and Mrs. G. Douglas Olivier, have called for a special meeting of the shareholders and a subsequent meeting of the board of directors. The only item on the agenda... G. Douglas Olivier to relinquish his board seat and accordingly his title as chairman of the board to be surrendered. Interesting. I had not thought of that, Mrs. Olivier apparently getting on board, so to speak, with the notion of more apparent feminine control, in her own way further emasculating husband G. Douglas.

Solidifying my power, G. Douglas will become even more of a puppet. Though remaining with the title of CEO, he will report to the board, of which I am a member. Now, who is a likely candidate to take the chairman’s position? That must be decided upon at the special subsequent board meeting.

I mentally review the board’s four other comprising members, wondering which male sycophant would most benefit from nice long controlling hand jobs. I only need two other votes, and there’s lots of memory in my cell phone camera...  


This concludes the story. Hope all have enjoyed.


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