Saturday, June 21, 2014

A Woman in Control - Married to my good organizer III

Married to my good organizer III

What can I say about a wedding ceremony where everyone is dressed to the nines... and the groom wears nothing? Delicious... so erotically stimulating. I was moist the whole time, not sure which aroused me more, watching my naked betrothed squirm at the makeshift alter, or gazing in lust at the notable bulge in the tuxedo slacks of best man Randy Evans.

Cameras clicked continuously, all my friends promising to email photos. The preacher was amused, but performed a straight and legitimate ceremony, the wording of the vows more than a little skewed toward mastery for me and abject servitude for Jack. 

Immediately after the short service, I had Nurse Benson take Jack to his room where a hood, Posey cuffs awaited, the nylon straps tucked under the mattress. Jack’s distracting presence, quite fun, was not to disturb a small but lavish reception where I sat with my bullstud Randy.

Heavy hors d’ oeuvres, Champagne, we feasted, Jack’s diminutive and well exposed male organs... once male organs... the central topic of conversation. Finally, no longer able to control my excitement, I kissed Randy’s brown cheek, whispered ‘it’s time’, rose and held his hand. Glassware chimed, cameras snapped, and I had Dr. Hemstadt, as a favor, move to the door of Randy’s bedroom. There she snapped a few of Randy carrying this smiling bride across the threshold on my wedding night... to be added to Jack’s bedroom ceiling slide show montage... the intention of both parties quite evident.  

Yes, Randy is quite the stud, knowing how I like it... on top... an ottoman donated by my friend and classmate... when with me he graciously condescends... appearing grateful that I do all the work.

If a girl can’t cuckold her husband on her wedding night, she just hasn’t established proper control. 

We fucked throughout the night, Randy exploding deeply three times. Some time for slumber... exhaustion finally beckoning a rest... I arose early, slipped on my wedding gown, no panties, and moved to Jack’s room were Nurse Benson had him secured most admirably... a determined woman when it comes to tending to the male.

There, I pushed up Jack’s hood, exposed his mouth and we silently consummated our permanent relationship... Jack made to consume... having no choice but to cleanse my love nest of a long night of copious spending.

With Randy’s fine length... and me controlling the timing... most of the slimy essence remained deep within. And I patiently straddled Jack’s face and let every droplet ooze to his lips.

There, I made him savor it... that which his chemically altered organs can no longer produce. After all, I had kept him hungry, and Randy’s semen made for a fine meal.

In finishing, I lowered my head and tenderly whispered... “there will be more, Jack. And many different flavors.”

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