Saturday, June 14, 2014

A Woman in Control - Married to my good organizer II

Married to my good organizer II

It’s time. I don my gown. A naked and attentive Jack assists, coyly offering compliment after compliment, suggesting beauty.

He says I look great. I do.

Nurse Benson, invited to the ceremony and staying at the B & B knocks on the door.

“Come in.”

She enters, seen for the first time without her starched white uniform, a handsome woman.

“You look ravishing! And I see Jack is almost ready,” she quips.

I have had Jack manicured and pedicured, bright red finger and toenails. Mascara, some rouge. He does not object. As stated, his mind is muddled and seeks guidance.

Nurse Benson holds up the key to the cock cage. I reach out and turn off the control unit, otherwise he will be shocked when it is removed.

“You’ve going to make quite the impression, Jack,” wriggling her finger, beckoning him to approach.

She stoops, unplugs the wiring, unlocks the cock cage and very gingerly slips it away, the interior spikes most threatening and potentially painful. Next she slips out the Prince’s Wand, a metal tube inserted deeply into the urethra which abrades the prostate, a constant reminder of a woman’s control. Then the steel battery pack waist belt and transmitter is unlatched.

Jack smiles. Relative freedom is rare.

And I rarely see the appendage that I have had chemically decimated. It is incredible to think that it is smaller... but it is.

“Come here Jack,” I summon.

I sit at a makeup table and turn. Though the figure eight cock and ball rings remain in place, Jack wears nothing... no covering... not a shred. I palm his once male package and sense the thrill of feminine joy. Power! Jack also feels joy. Nothing and no one has touched him there in ages.

“I’ll get dressed now,” Jack suggests, “for the wedding.”

I smile politely. 

“You are dressed for the wedding, Jack.”

He steps back, aghast, the look of horror... priceless.

“No! There are other people!”

Acclimated to my presence and that of Nurse Benson and Dr. Helmstadt, Jack cannot emotionally handle the notion of public nudity. So amusing.

“Friends, Jack. I want to show you to them, show that I control you... that you are owned and that you obediently serve. You would not deny me that, would you?”

Friends plus the best man, I cannot help thinking. But it is not Jack’s ‘best man’, it’s really the best manhood. One of my favorite lovers... a bullstud as Dr. Helmstadt has suggested... will serve to consummate the ceremony. Six foot four, well muscled at what I assume to be some 260 pounds, I love Randy Evans’ deep mocha complexion. And a girl like me loves his ten inches even more. Black cock... a secret but common female yearning.

“I can’t do it,” Jack protests, his voice rising in pitch with the stress, evidence of the hormonal change. 

“You will do it. I can have the control unit returned. You’ll look awful silly be zinged while the preacher expects to hear your vows... one of which is that you will obey me.”

“But... I don’t want them to see... you know...”

“That you are now even tinier than ever. Jack, you are no longer a man. You are a servant, a pet. Does anyone ridicule the family dog for being neutered?”

Nurse Benson is amused. We both know Jack has no choice in the matter. Besides, I packed nothing for him and the clothes in which he arrived at the B & B have been destroyed. He will be naked for the ceremony... the only question is whether or not he will have to bear the relatively unsightly cock cage and the transmitting waist belt. Such distracts... and I want everyone to admire his form... now plumped... nipples puffy... that of an ingenue with the hormonal changes truncating the growth of all body hair. Yes there is a vestigial male organ, but its size sends a wondrous message. 

“I just want as much of you exposed for the wedding album as possible. I’d even have the base rings for your penis and balls removed if I could. Your exhibition will symbolize your loyalty and your servitude. You will repay me for all the care over the months by surrendering to me, capitulating for an appropriate wedding. I want you displayed... I want your subservience to be announced to my friends... and I shall have it!”

I did.

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Great to see the total and utter emasculation continues apace. The community of Women is commendable and enjoyable.