Friday, March 21, 2014

More on Amazon

See the below note from Pink Flamingo et al
More shenanigans from Amazon telling you what you can read. Seems the nerds have taken reading lessons.
We're trying to garner as much support as possible for indie erotica publishers and indie eBook retailers. Amazon is cracking down again on content.. this time looking INSIDE the books. We've posted this in our blog and in our email newsletter... Help us spread the word.
A Request To Our Faithful Readers...
As some of you already know, we have had problems with major retailers banning our books. Pink Flamingo Publications has always strove to publish what our readers want. Some of those books include non-consensual or harder books that may have content that some people deem offensive. The major retailers, such as Amazon, Apple, and Google Books are now taking it upon themselves to determine what you find offensive. Even though our books are pure fiction, if they have non-con or even fantasies of non-consensual acts, they are being kicked off the websites. This is not just affecting Pink Flamingo, but other erotica publishers as well.

We understand that the retailers have made it quite easy on customers to get our books, especially with their 1-click buttons. But when they make our content harder to find, unless you’re a searching guru or they just take our books down, what will our customers or any erotica book lovers do?

Our request is simple. If you want to keep seeing the books that you love, from the authors you want to read, please buy the books directly from the publisher or from Indie Retailers. We have quite a few Indie Retailers that will be happy to help you find the books you want and need.
Fiona Thomas, EIC
Pink Flamingo Publications


Fiona Thomas said...

Thank you for posting this, Chris. We have also heard an unconfirmed rumor that Kindle is now asking customers for information on where else they buy ebooks. The thought is they are going to block other domains from sending ebooks to the Kindles so they keep even more control of what books people can buy.

Fiona Thomas said...

I received more information regarding Kindle's request. On the Kindle Fire, they require you to register email addresses from companies other than Amazon, so you do not receive unwanted documents. I still do not trust this...