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A Woman in Control - My Good Lover(s)

My Good Lover(s)

I take my time in empowering myself, suspicion not to be drawn. Besides, I learn the business, quickly develop the required acumen and truly contribute to the burgeoning coffers at Olivier Flavors and Fragrances.

So by year three, I decide to revamp the sales team and have G. Douglas make the announcement. By now I am well out of the reception area of the executive office suite. I take my own office, equal in size to that of G. Douglas, and some would say with a better view. Curious how one’s digs makes a statement in the business world. I suppose it’s akin to being judged and assessed by the size of one’s mansion in the wealthy suburbs.

Any way, missing from the story is my own satiation. Besides the gratification of controlling G. Douglas, a woman such as me needs physical relief as well. And, though it can be demeaning for a woman like me to be put under the penis, a rising girl executive can attain reasonable penetration without suffering the slightest loss of stature.

It begins with the power to hire. And such is important even outside of addressing a girl’s concupiscence. If I am to ensure my governance at Olivier Flavors and Fragrances I need to have underlings loyal to the cause. My sycophant G. Douglas is only part of the equation.

Thus a new sales team is to be developed... all reporting to me... and all having the attributes I desire.    

Since bulges in the slacks can be deceptive and I do not wish to be overly obvious in assessing critical male attributes, we have the clinic... on retainer. Before making a final hiring decision, all candidates must submit to a physical performed by Dr. Rebecca Helmstadt, the noted sexologist, a professional designation not to be broadcast.

Since the physical includes a sperm sample, extracted under the exacting tutelage of Nurse Benson... and the watchful eyes of Dr. Helmstadt... I know the precise penis size and degree of virility for every candidate. And I also obtain a report... the candidates reaction to performing naked for two fully clothed women is of much interest. There are those who display a certain degree of... let’s politely term it... receptivity.

So whom do I hire?

Needless to say, sales at Olivier Flavors and Fragrance is soon staffed with a bevy of bullstuds, well hung, virile, handsome (don’t need Dr. Helmstadt to evaluate that) a degree of submissiveness that makes them eager to perform and grateful for the opportunity to serve... and sell.

My large office is well furnished. And who but the sales guys knows that the narrow padded leather ottoman in my office is really not to be sat upon. No, it’s where the members of my team report to me... as I ride them.

As stated, reasonable penetration for me will be attained. Failure to properly perform for me results in an appointment with Nurse Benson and Dr. Helmstadt for testosterone treatment. Failure to abide with the appointment means dismissal.

Yet, a girl needs more... like an executive assistant. And revenge can be a sweet thing. I typed and made coffee for a year... it’s time for someone to do that for me. And that someone shall be male... and that someone must be bisexual, polysexual, whatever the term... he’ll do it to anyone, for anyone, any time, any place and under my command.

Demanding yes, but having someone perform at the snap of the fingers is refreshing. It rekindles the psyche.

For this position I need just one, and he must be quite obeisant. So the process is long and I need the input of Dr. Rebecca Helmstadt, offering a myriad of tests, including graphic photographs to be surveyed while the candidate is attached to an inflatable penis cuff to determine sexual response. 

Three make the finals, showing arousal while observing both male and female nudes. No more size needed, I select the one with the smallest appendage and order a chastity device, Nurse Benson to hold the key.

As a result of my efforts, Friday afternoons afford a cornucopia of deviant gratification. It begins with a ‘weekly update’ with G. Douglas. Only it is no longer the ‘boss’ initiating the report. By year four of my employment, I call him and announce the time. I proclaim that I expect him in his office, trousers removed, ash tray centered on his desk, butter ready for my hands.

Thereafter, ‘weekly update’ completed, lusty display of feminine power sparking a need, I have a bullstud salesman waiting in my office, completely naked. I like making them wait like that, disavowing any sense that the encounter is under their auspices.

When finished with G. Douglas, Bob, my bisexual assistant, sees me departing his office and knows to in turn enter my office where a humbled naked bullstud awaits to report. Bob knows I’ll want him erect, so while I pause for coffee, I know Bob kneels and fellates with relish, the salesman, typically somewhat homophobic, cringing as his eight to ten inch manhood is coaxed to full erection. With my timing honed, I enter my office and leisurely imbibe my coffee until I am satisfied that full erection is attained. Then with a snap of my fingers, Bob slinks away and my salesman knows to lie prostrate on the ottoman, pecker reaching for the ceiling as I hike up my skirt, straddle and impale myself.

I am eager and aggressive. And I insist in complete stillness. The pleasure is mine to take not his to offer. So I grind, not caring one iota about male delight, though it comes.

It’s a wordless exchange, all physical. The bullstud is nothing more than an object, a living dildo. I use him, the virile male totally capitulating. One climax, two, sometimes I’ll have him ejaculate within my quim, sometimes I will stand, step away and have him manually finish himself for me. It’s at my caprice. They never know when or where they’ll spend their seed. The lack of control is degrading for them... but refreshing for me.       

Friday evening Bob and I are known to work late. Yes, he’s orally proficient and was initially reluctant. Yes, I learned that cream pie clean ups are an acquired taste.

Bob acquired it. 

Still Bob’s position is not without rewards. Saturdays, he visits Nurse Benson, his keyholder, and she’ll release and have him masturbate for her... on the company health plan. Such generous benefits!

I should mention that my sales team also benefits. I have them regularly checked at the clinic for STDS... typically before they report under me on Fridays.

So it is indeed important that a woman have a man who is a good lover, caring and attentive in bed... but perhaps more than one... and perhaps good atop an ottoman... perhaps good kneeling under a desk... perhaps good wherever she demands gratification.

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